Noein - To Your Other Self

Season 1 Episode 19


Aired Unknown Oct 16, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Existence sucks when no one remembers you.

    Haruka finally has a player to play the tape when she was little. She remembers her grandma, who she has faint memories of. Though she also remembers a childhood friend back in Tokyo who promised she would write to her. However, when they finally meet, her friend totally forgot about her.

    The Magic Circle Project seems to still be in full effect as the chairman Sasaki, resigned, and Uchida was expelled. Kooriyama in the process was sent elsewhere. Trouble comes from La'cryma when they attempt to teleport Haruka into their place.

    The episode does a brilliant job of revolving the concept of memories around the main characters here. Haruka started forgetting about her grandmother until she found a player to play her tape, and her childhood friend Aya immediately forgot about her. The scene with Aya questioning to her mother who Haruka is before the train door closed on her, was extremely effective.

    There were also other moments when the concept of memory revolved well around the side characters, such as Atori and Kooriyama. It seemed after Kosagi kicked his ass, he started going back to his former self. And Kooriyama's partner will be remembered as a suicide instead of a victim of a murder. Really sad actually.

    A major plus for this episode is that it seems the story is finally moving. I'm really enjoying this slice of life stuff and philosophical scenarios, but the story is really heating up and it'd be more interesting to see how it'll progress.