Noein - To Your Other Self

Season 1 Episode 24

The Beginning

Aired Unknown Mar 28, 2006 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

The Beginning
Noein has possessed Haruka's abilities as a dragon torque, though Yuu and Karasu come to her rescue.

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      • Isami: (about Atori) That dude's just totally awesome!

      • Tobi: It's okay now. The balance of all timespaces has been preserved.
        Mayuzumi: Tobi...
        Tobi: I hope the future of this timespace, will be a happy one.
        Tobi starts fading out of reality

      • Noein: Come here, Dragon Torque. Come with me to nothingness.

      • Atori: (to Karasu) Let's blow Shangri-la back to Hell!

      • Noein: You understand, right? My sadness and my anger? People are foolish. It would have been better if I didn't know the meaning of existence!

      • Kosagi: You want to destroy the Reizu simulator?
        Tobi: Yes.
        Kosagi: La'cryma's existence descriptor data will be lost!
        Tobi: No. The virtual observer created by the Reizu system didn't work. For one's existence to be ascertained, it is essential that people observe and recognize each other. By acknowledging and interacting with each other, existence can be determined.
        Kosagi: Tobi...
        Tobi: After coming to this timespace and meeting Haruka, I understood that. By acknowledging the existence of others, people's own existence can be ascertained.

      • Yuu: I have seen your past. Your past might have been mine, but what you are now is not me! If you were me, you wouldn't have forgotten Haruka. You wouldn't have killed Isami either.
        Noein: You are me!
        Yuu: You're wrong! You aren't me! I'll never become you. I'll never give up on the future!
        Karasu: Your existence hasn't been acknowledged. You're the illusion!
        Noein: Illusion...

      • Haruka: You have Yuu's memories, but you've forgotten, haven't you?

      • Kooriyama: So, there's a met that won't be shot.
        Shinohara: You...what are you doing?
        Kooriyama: Shut up! (Punches Shinohara) It seems there is no you I can't hit.

      • Mayuzumi: Just hitting Shinohara won't solve anything.

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