NOFX - Backstage Passport - Season 1

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  • South Africa
    South Africa
    Episode 8
    After 14 months on the road, NOFX ventures to South Africa: the final frontier. Seeing the sights and playing with baby tiger cubs is fun, but the razor wire surrounding their hotel makes them yearn for home.
  • Russia
    Episode 7
    Ten years ago NOFX tried to enter Russia and were turned away at the border, so they're trying again! Will they make it past the guards or will they suffer the wrath of a naked man in a pointy hat armed with a birch branch? Or both?
  • Israel
    Episode 6
    NOFX continues their tour in Israel, where the strain of missing their families starts to take its toll. They have fun surfing the Dead Sea and riding a camel, but when a group of soldiers attacks one of the crew members things take a turn for the worse.
  • Indonesia
    Episode 5
    Hoping to bounce back from some of the financial losses on their tour, NOFX heads to Indonesia to play their biggest headlining show ever. It seems like they'll be playing to more cops than kids and that the show may be cancelled at the last minute.
  • Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan & China
    After some awkward encounters with fans in Malaysia, South Korea, and Taiwan, NOFX heads to China, where no American punk band has ever been allowed to play. They're not sure it they'll even draw a crowd, and even less sure that they'll get paid.
  • Japan & Singapore
    Japan & Singapore
    Episode 3
    Enormous shows, drunken businessmen, and S+M clubs make NOFX's Japan tour a memorable one. The fastest way to erase those memories? Doing bizarre green drugs in the one place you're not supposed to: Singapore.
  • Argentina, Ecuador & Peru
    NOFX ventures further into the uncharted territory of South America. After being barred from doing an encore in Argentina and playing a tennis court in Ecuador, their crew is held hostage by Peruvian police.
  • Brazil & Chile
    Brazil & Chile
    Episode 1
    NOFX kicks off their world tour in South America! The band finds themselves dealing with a drunk manager, equipment problems, and death threats. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all…