Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu

Monday 11:55 PM on Tokyo MX Premiered Jul 03, 2008 In Season


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Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu

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Haruka Nogizaka is the school idol of Hakujo Academy. Because she is rich, intelligent, and attractive, she is called Nuit Etoile and has rejected people of both genders. Unbeknownst to everyone Haruka has a secret that would change how everyone sees her. Yuuto is an average guy who has given up on women. One day, he stumbles on Haruka's secret and finds out she is an otaku, a big fan of anime and manga. Now having promised not to tell anyone her secret, Yuuto finds himself growing closer to Haruka and learning about who she truly is. Additional Genres: Comedy Additional Titles: Secret of Nogizaka Haruka
The Secret of Nogizaka Haruka: Purity
Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: Purezza Themes: High School, Otaku Opening Theme:
"Tomadoi Bitter Tune" by Milan Himemiya and Chocolate Rockers (Season 1)
Chouhatsu Cherry Heart" by Milan Himemiya and Chocolate Rockers (Season 2) Closing Theme:
"Hitosashiyubi Quiet!" by N's: Kana Ueda, Mai Goto, Rina Satou, Kaori Shimizu, Mamiko Noto (Season 1)
"Himitsu Suishou! Uruto LOVE" by N'smoreless
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  • A fantastic anime series, that is far too short.

    The plot for this show is about a seemingly perfect high school girl named Haruka who is actually a closet Otaku. When her classmate Yuuto discovers her secret she thinks her life is over. However, Yuuto promises to keep her secret and the two find themselves growing closer as Haruka has someone with whom she can finally be herself. The plot is very good and told at a good pace but with out compromising on chracter development or interaction. Although I have to say that the show could have done with another series, just so we could have seen more of them.

    The animation is excellent and the voice actors do a wonderful job and making the characters and situations believable.

    All in all this is great slice of life, high school anime and if you are fans of shows such as K-on, Toradora, Bamboo blade etc then this will definitely suit you.moreless

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