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"Make a pilgrimage for the past with me." It is these words, together with a haunting melody from her past, that draw professional assassin Mireille Bouquet into a partnership with Japanese schoolgirl Kirika Yumura, an amnesiac whose instinctive killing skills match Mireille's own abilities. Pursued by relentless and vigilant foes, Kirika and Mireille form a partnership code-named Noir, and begin a quest to discover the truths of their pasts, truths that could lead to their deaths…


Mireille Bouquet: a top-class assassin living in Paris, Mireille usually prefers to work alone, but joins up with Kirika to form Noir in the hopes of discovering the truths that she has long wondered about. Always the picture of elegance and grace, Mireille well knows the importance of professional detachment. Despite her attempts to keep a distant and objective view on her work, however, she cannot always hide her deeper emotions.

Kirika Yumura: a teenage amnesiac, Kirika's soft words and youthful appearance belie her instinctive and almost brutal killing skills. Able to turn almost anything into a weapon, Kirika's ability easily rivals Mireille's, even if her work is ‘garish' by the other woman's standards. Kirika forms Noir with Mireille in the hopes of unlocking the mysteries of her own past, but rather than seeming fazed by Mireille's pledge to kill her once they discover the truth, she seems to almost welcome the promised release.

Chloe: claiming to be the true Noir, Chloe's skill with a knife seems to easily put her in a league of her own. Despite her professional and sometimes cold-blooded killing abilities, Chloe's persona is closer to that of an innocent child taking in the world for the first time. Chloe's motivations and her interest in Mireille and Kirika remain unknown.

Altena: Altena may be far from the action, but there seems little doubt that she knows exactly what is going on, and may even be involved behind the scenes somehow. Her aims and goals remain a closely guarded mystery.moreless


Monica Rial

Monica Rial

Kirika Yumura

Tiffany Grant

Tiffany Grant


Hilary Haag

Hilary Haag


Houko Kuwashima

Houko Kuwashima

Kirika Yumura (Japanese version)

Aya Hisakawa

Aya Hisakawa

Chloe (Japanese version)

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