Season 1 Episode 9

Intoccabile (Acte II)

Aired Friday 1:20 AM Jun 01, 2001 on

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  • Wounded and shaken from their last clash with the Intoccabile and her goons, Noir puts it all on the line!

    Kirika's been injured; Mirielle's confidence is all but shattered. The Intoccabile has returned to Sicily, taking with her the contract that was to serve as Noir's payment for killing the Mafia Don. If Mirielle wants it, she'll have to face off against this unshakable foe.

    This episode finishes up the story from the previous episode, and does so in very quick fashion. While there's a little bit of flashback to Mirielle's childhood encounter with the Mafia princess, most of this episode is taken up with a harrowing battle against the Mafia goons. It's possibly one of the most impressive sequences seen yet, and I was incredibly impressed with the final showdown between Mirielle and the Intoccabile.

    Really terrific episode, and - as I've said before - this series keeps improving!