Season 1 Episode 6

Lost Kitten

Aired Friday 1:20 AM May 11, 2001 on

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  • A slower paced episode than normal, but one with some extraordinary insights into Kirika's character. Warning: Review contains spoilers!

    In this rather slow-paced episode of Noir, we see a side of Kirika that's been slowly developing. In "The Sound of Waves," she hesitated briefly before killing her target, possibly because she connected to him through images of his daughter. Here, she again finds herself connecting with a target, and even feeling sympathetic toward him. The old man has been targets by an ethnic group called the Taskil that wants him punished for his war crimes against them, an act of near-genocide that he has since been trying to atone for. Since no amount of caregiving or generosity will bring back the dead, Noir's been hired to put an end to him.

    It seems like an easy job, but it becomes emotionally complicated when Kirika returns the man's lost kitten to him, and then inadvertantly saves his life when he collapses to a heart attack. While caring for him, she discovers that his family had been wiped out by the Tashkil, simply because they were Norgas, a group the Tashkil had been at war with. The work at the Russian death camps were simply another grisly move in a cycle of death that had gone on for longer than either group can remember, and his assassination will simply be another link in that cycle. It's not Noir's business to question their jobs, however, and so Kirika must put aside her personal feelings and end his life.