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  • Noir- it's no longer a style of old detective films.

    I stumbled upon this anime show while online and I got hooked on it the moment I saw something that would change everything. The scene I witnessed involved a girl taking a man by his necktie and hanging him from it. Noir is a terrific show with many of these scenes involving stylized killing. Noir hardly showed gratuitous amounts of blood even though it involves killing. The story throughout Noir is terrific, suspensful, and mysterious. It will keep you guessing to the very end. With a main cast made up of highly skilled women assassins it is truly great to see each character be developed and you feel for all of them. The direction is great, the acting is good, and the music is some of the best I've ever heard and fits perfectly. If you are a fan of anime and you haven't seen Noir then you should for it is great and it's only 26 episodes which is a shame but it is just right because it gives you everything you want.
  • Secret society smorgasbord with shrapnel.

    Noir has its moments. The slow development of characters reminds me of Death Note. The underlying mystery keeps one interested, and ultimately results in a positive resolution. The characters are engaging and anime pretty; Chloie is my favorite of the three, likely because I like her violet hair. The animation itself could be a touch more dynamic...too many still shots with only moving mouths; overall interesting backdrops, especially Paris. The storyline wants to be deeper than it is...accentuated by the overkill factor in many of the episodes. Death Note, Cowboy Bebop, and Ghost in the Shell series are more worthy of checking out first.
  • one of the best shows i ever seen in my whole life.

    This show is awesome.I like the music and everything about it.I would choose this show over gunslinger girls. This series follows the story of two young female assassins name Mireille Bouquet and Kirika Yumura who embark together on a personal journey to seek answers about mysteries from their past. While at first they seem to be only vaguely related to each other, there are clues and hints given throughout the series that there are more than meets their eyes. During the course of the series, they are lured into more and more traps by a secret organization named Les Soldats ("The Soldiers" in French).
  • Two young women, Mirielle and Kirika, are linked by unknown, unseen forces. Each, a killer in her own right, now combines their deadly abilities to form the hit team Noir. Each assassination brings them closer to the truth of what Noir actually means.

    I grade this show out at a B. I don't particularly mind the cliché of the assassin, even the double cliché of the amnesic assassin. While the core premise of the show isn't particularly imaginative, I did think that most of the show, particularly the dialogue, was both entertaining and engaging. The two main characters Mirielle and Kirika have an interesting dynamic; both characters develop in reference to the not only does the story line develop linearly as the plot unfolds, but the story line itself seems to change as the relationship between Mirielle and Kirika deepens. What starts as a relationship of convenience evolves into a friendship and the friendship revolves into what can only be called a kinship. At the point in which the nature of their relationship changes, a plot-twist adjusts the story line. There are enough literary devices to keep plot flowing through 26 episodes: Ancient secret societies, revenge, an amnesic struggle to recover memories, betrayal, counter-betrayal, perhaps even a touch of a love name it, if it is a cliché, it is in there (the only thing missing was a vampire). But despite the predictability of the plot, the dialogue is fantastic. The animation is above average. I found the imagery of Kirika as a methodic killer, even a graceful killer, rather disturbing. I found myself with conflicting feelings as I related to the characters; was I supposed to be 'cheering' for these killers? They are the bad-guys, right? If I have a major critique, I mean other than the overstated clichés, it is that imagry and choriography of the combat sequences were just a little unbelievable. Some where great, don't get me wrong, but the ones that were over the top were way over the top. If you like hot girls gunning down everything in sight, great dialogue, or anime outside the usual fantasy genre, you may very well like this one too.
  • Yeah this show rocks!!

    This show rocks for it on personal reason! The reason is you dont have many animes that shows girls that kicks a$$ besides guns slingers girls but that is very new!. But this only had two girls that are on a mission of revenge and information on they pass. They wont let and anyone stand in they way, they dont care who you is they will kill you in a min. There are not too many girls show that fight like that i was so excited when I watched it and it wasnt what I excepted it to be it was even better and I wished that they would make more.
  • One of those Japanese shows nobody really knows, but are fabulous.

    Noir is an excellent anime show. It takes you on the journey of Mireille Bouquet. She is a Corsican girl, who lives in Paris (France) and earns her money as an assassin. The journey starts when she meets Kirika Yumura. She’s an assassin too, but doesn’t remember who she is, only that she’s Noir, or at least part of it. So the two girls start to work together, but then the past of both girls comes up and causes a lot of problems. And if that isn’t enough already another girl comes by, and claims that she’s the real Noir. So we learn that Noir is some kind of dark institution of a group named “the soldats” witch exists since many years. And Noir is its killing instrument. So we see a lot of action all over the world, but especially in France and other European countries. The countryside’s are drawn beautiful, also when they aren’t as dominant as in Gunslinger Girl. But for that we have much more action here. And I personally think that the dramaturgic storyline is much better.
    The show starts almost realistic, because in the mid 90’s we learned that in France of the 80’s, there existed some secret services that killed people only to protect some powerful people, especially the former president Mitterrand. But then it takes a complete new path, with the person of Altena. Then it starts to be some kind of mystic story, not an action story anymore. The transformation in the middle is processed with all the drama brought in by the past of the two girls.
    It’s made very well and you really should take time to watch this show here. It really is a journey to watch this show. It’s beautiful drawn and has a really great soundtrack. The theme song is beautiful as always in the Japanese anime shows. In the episodes 20 till the end, the soundtrack is so great, that I have to admit; that there aren’t many shows witch reach that level! So if you like anime shows and don’t mind violence and that almost no men appear in the show, you are right here. But I advise you, when you get yourself the DVD, don’t watch too many episodes at the time. Watch three or four episodes on a weekend tops. But I tell you, it’s not a waste of time! When you watch this here, I’m sure you’ll like it.
    I liked the first couple of episodes and the last ones most. I really liked the ending (not the whole series finally!). The middle episodes have a bit too many drama and confusion in it, for my taste, but I know, that I’m hard in this things.
  • A wonderful and amazingly complex anime series that is one of the best.

    I used to love this show so much, buying each volume as it was released, getting drawn into the story and the characters. If the show didn't stuff up like it did so badly in the last episode the show might have got a 10/10 but alas the last episode...well...sucked!

    Noir is nevertheless a wonderful and amazingly complex anime series that is still one of the best.