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  • Two young women, Mirielle and Kirika, are linked by unknown, unseen forces. Each, a killer in her own right, now combines their deadly abilities to form the hit team Noir. Each assassination brings them closer to the truth of what Noir actually means.

    I grade this show out at a B. I don't particularly mind the cliché of the assassin, even the double cliché of the amnesic assassin. While the core premise of the show isn't particularly imaginative, I did think that most of the show, particularly the dialogue, was both entertaining and engaging. The two main characters Mirielle and Kirika have an interesting dynamic; both characters develop in reference to the not only does the story line develop linearly as the plot unfolds, but the story line itself seems to change as the relationship between Mirielle and Kirika deepens. What starts as a relationship of convenience evolves into a friendship and the friendship revolves into what can only be called a kinship. At the point in which the nature of their relationship changes, a plot-twist adjusts the story line. There are enough literary devices to keep plot flowing through 26 episodes: Ancient secret societies, revenge, an amnesic struggle to recover memories, betrayal, counter-betrayal, perhaps even a touch of a love name it, if it is a cliché, it is in there (the only thing missing was a vampire). But despite the predictability of the plot, the dialogue is fantastic. The animation is above average. I found the imagery of Kirika as a methodic killer, even a graceful killer, rather disturbing. I found myself with conflicting feelings as I related to the characters; was I supposed to be 'cheering' for these killers? They are the bad-guys, right? If I have a major critique, I mean other than the overstated clichés, it is that imagry and choriography of the combat sequences were just a little unbelievable. Some where great, don't get me wrong, but the ones that were over the top were way over the top. If you like hot girls gunning down everything in sight, great dialogue, or anime outside the usual fantasy genre, you may very well like this one too.