Season 1 Episode 18

The Darkness Within Me

Aired Friday 1:20 AM Aug 03, 2001 on
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Still upset over the truths she learned in Corsica, Mireille wants nothing more than to be alone, and sends Kirika away for a while. Wandering the streets on her own, Kirika is approached by a faction of the Soldats, promising to supply information. But if Kirika follows this lead, she will be leaving Mireille alone- and vulnerable…moreless

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  • Another great installment for Noir. Kirika is banished from Noir because of Mireille's Corsica adventure. What will happen now that she's on her own?

    This episode is focused on Kirika, a character we haven’t been able to see too much of, especially as of late, since the stories have focused on Mireille’s personal tragedy. The series still manages to capitalize on that story arc, using the latest revelation in Corsica to force Mireille to push Kirika away. While gone, Kirika is forced to contemplate her existence, and determine if she is more than just a “painful enigma.” This was another terrific episode, and really showed the ebb and flow of the relationship between Kirika and Mireille. They are more than partners, now; they are friends, even if Mireille can’t accept that right now. Excellent story writing here, I was really impressed by this episode.moreless
Aya Hisakawa

Aya Hisakawa

Chloe (Japanese version)

Hilary Haag

Hilary Haag


Kotono Mitsuishi

Kotono Mitsuishi

Mireille Bouquet (Japanese version)

Monica Rial

Monica Rial

Kirika Yumura

Houko Kuwashima

Houko Kuwashima

Kirika Yumura (Japanese version)

Shelley Calene-Black

Shelley Calene-Black

Mireille Bouquet

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    • Mireille: I know that you haven't been lying to me, and I respect your skills. To be completely honest, you're a better killer than I am. But while you're a splendid assassin, you're also a disturbing enigma - one I wish I'd never seen.

    • Kirika: My friend is suffering, but while I can see her pain, I can't understand it - or anything else.
      Woman: Yes, well that would be hard. Hmm, there's the bus.

    • Kirika's: So the two rails- don't always end together.
      (observation of the railway track may have a deeper meaning about her journey with Mireille)

    • Kirika: (reading to herself) A sinner, once passed away, will never return, however, the sins will never vanish. And as for the love, it will never die. The hermit also spoke thus- the blood of the Soldats will seep throughout the wilderness and flow into the Great River.

    • Chloe: You should know that the orders to sanction you still stand. The hunters have not yet tired. New traps are being set in the dark.

    • (Explaining why she told Kirika about the danger to Mireille)
      Chloe: I had thought about leaving this to fate. After all, it is only one of many trials. But then, she is your friend.

    • Mireille: So you're saying that you just passed up this great lead?
      Kirika: Mmm-hmm.
      Mireille: And that you didn't even think about getting the copy instead of-
      Kirika: Uh-uh.

    • Mireille: "A wounded beast only sees the pain it feels itself." Sounds like me, doesn't it? But your wound must be much deeper than mine. So much deeper, in fact, that it must be unbearable.
      Kirika: That may be true, but I still have to know if... somewhere in the darkness is my real self. Or is it that the darkness is within me?

  • NOTES (1)

    • English Additional Voices:
      Robert Anderson, Elizabeth Bannor, Victor Carsrud, Kevin Charles, Lauren Goodnight, John Gremillion, Mark Laskowski, George Manley, Cynthia Martinez, Nathan Parmer, Rick Peeples, Sheri Sims