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Welcome to the Noozles guide at

"Noozles" or as known in Japan as "Fushigi na Koala Blinky" was an Anime made in 1984 & that came to the US in 1989 dubbed by Nickelodeon along with Haim Saban. It aired on Nickelodeon, part of the daily Nick Jr. afternoon line-up.

Renowned archaeologist Alex Brown was on a dig in Australia when he sent a package across the sea, meant for his daughter, Sandy, who was living back home with her mother and grandmother. Sandy was surprised to find that it was a cute little stuffed koala, but the real surprise came when Sandy rubbed noses with it.

After Sandy noozled the koala, it came to life and introduced himself as Blinky. Blinky's equipped with a watch that can stop time. His sister Pinky shows up. Pinky had a magical make-up compact with a mirror that could show glimpses of the future.

Pinky also had a lipstick pencil that can draw portals to other worlds, such as where they came from - a parallel universe called Koala-Wala Land. KWL had recently been overrun by a dictator known only as the High Dingy Doo. The entire place was crawling with KangarooCops who would fly around and shout "STOP IN THE NAME OF THE HIGH DINGY DOO!".

Dr. Brown - Sandy's father - had somehow wandered into Koala-Wala Land during his dig in Australia, and was on the run from the Kangaroo Cops when he sent Blinky to find Sandy, his last hope for freedom.

But all Blinky wanted to do was stay in Sandy's tree and eat all day. The girl frequently pointed out that the leaves on the tree were not eucalyptus leaves and that the bears shouldn't eat them, but they didn't seem to mind.

Pinky often used her magic pencil to draw a portal back to Koala-Wala Land. She spent each episode trying to convince Blinky to go back to Koala-Wala Land with her. Sandy, of course, was always excited to go, even though humans weren't really allowed there. She would wear a disguise to look like a koala; at least in Koala-Wala Land, everybody can fly.

While Pinky wanted Blinky back home, Sandy spent every episode trying to hide the fact that her teddy bear was alive and liked to eat the tree in her front yard. This was especially hard, since her mom was constantly checking up on her, and her "friend" Mark was always popping in to say hi.

The only person who knew about Blinky and Pinky was Sandy's grandmother, who later went on adventures with them. Also, two poachers named Franky and Spike had found out, and they kept trying to nab the koalas for profit. And along on each adventure, was Osgood, a lizard from Koala-Wala Land. He mostly ran about, screaming in a tiny voice. He panicked a lot, but usually lived in Blinky's watch.

MAIN CHARACTERS: Sandy Brown - Annoying red-haired girl.

Grandma Brown - Sandy's Lively grandmother

Mark – Sandy's best friend

Franky and Spike – Two thugs

Blinky – Grey, gets hungry and tired easily. His watch could stop time.

Pinky (Pink, perky koala bear. Wants to get Blinky back home. Can travel through space and time.)moreless