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  • 0.3 only because I can't give it negative numbers

    Are you freaking kidding me? This is why people regard TV as an idiot box. Because there are TV executives out there who think that:
    (A) Norm MacDonald is funny - which he never has been and never will be, and that
    (B) just because Jerry Seinfeld wasn't an actor but was funny and could carry a show meant that ANY comedian could carry a show, which Norm MacDonald definetly could not.

    For every ground breaking type of show out there, like Family Guy, Cheers, Seinfeld, MASH, Mary Tyler Moore, etc., there are 50 forgettable shows. This is one of the forgettable ones. Please, TV executives of America, don't ever see fit to give this guy a starring role in a sitcom again!
  • A sitcom for regular guys

    Norm was a sitcom about a regular guy having regular problems, but not too many people noticed this show since it lacked the smarmy, self-centered humor that NBC's Friends had in copious quantities.

    Norm MacDonald (A SNL alum) plays Norm Henderson, an ex-hockey player who has to do 5 years of community service for his gambling or face jail time. The show also had Artie Lange as his loutish buddy as well as co-workers at the social work center played by Max Wright, Ian Gomez & during the last episodes, Nikki Cox.

    I was crestfallen when they canceled this show with its take on everyday problems just because it lacked the very "we're better than you" attitude that Friends had.

    For shame, ABC...
  • Syndication?

    I find it hard to believe this show hasn't had a 2nd chance to be shown on channels like Nickelodeon, TV Land..etc. Too bad, because I would like to see it again.I seen shows with fewer episodes shown in syndication before.Didn't Foxworthy's show just have a few seasons? At least some of it's simular shows at the time has been again on TV and/or released on DVD! Like The Drew Carey show returned and it's 1st season has been released on DVD (at time of writing)Roseanne's entire series has been released on DVD and is still being shown today.Ellen's sitcom has been released on DVD and played on Lifetime and Oxygen for a time.Why Not NORM ????..At least release the Norm Show on DVD!
  • The Norm MacDonald Show....

    After being fired from Saturday Night Live by NBC executive Don Ohlmeyer because he "wasn't funny" (but really because good friends of Ohlmeyer, O.J. Simpson and Bill Clinton, were constant butts of Norm's jokes on Weekend Update), Norm MacDonald begins a new era of his career: "The Norm Show," one of the most criminally underrated television series in the history of television. The unapologetically politically incorrect envelope pushing, one-of-a-kind voice, and laid-back dry delivery of incredibly silly humor is what makes Norm MacDonald a unique performer (and my personal favorite comedian). He is the Robert Mitchum of comedy - baby, he just doesn't care. Neither does Norm's character on "The Norm Show" - Norm [Henderson] - a former hockey player who has been sentenced to five years of social service for tax evasion. Norm is not exactly a crusader for the common good - or tactful in anyway - and has uses unusual tactics to win over his cases that usually get him into trouble. "The Norm Show" is all about Norm and he carries the show, but it is also simply down-right clever and has good supporting actors in Laurie Metcalf, Max Wright, and Faith Ford.
  • Please DVD this show!

    I didn't start watching Norm until 2000, but this show was wacky and a good cast. I wish that ABC didn't cancel this show, or at least put this show on DVD. I should've watched the Pilot Episode, but I didn't. However, I saw this show and I thought 'Wow'! And there were even a few episodes where we see Norm's gambling addiction get revealed. What team did he play on before he got a perma-ban from hockey? Was it the NHL or some Minor-League team? And like I said, I would like to see this show Norm on DVD real soon.
  • Although not a stand-out show, it was wildly funny. I'd like to see Norm Macdonald in another show of his own, that isn't A Minute With Stan Hooper.

    If you love Norm Macdonald's humor as much as I do (i.e. enjoy his work on Saturday Night Live or his performance in the movie Dirty Work), then you'll enjoy every minute of this show. The show was more than worthy of attention during its run, but I wouldn't expect to see it back, in any form, any time soon. DVDs of its three or so seasons would be nice, but very unlikely. The show was likely killed by ABC's nasty habit of time slot and day shuffling, or perhaps people just didn't dig it as much as myself and friends did. In closing, if you didn't catch it while it was on, you'll likely never see it.
  • Norm was a great sitcom.

    It's a miracle that Norm Macdonald got to star in a sitcom that lasted three seasons. This show was hilarious, but good shows are always the ones that don't last. The show had a great cast, including Roseanne's Laurie Metcalf, The Drew Carey Show's Ian Gomez, Howard Stern's Artie Lang, Alf's Max Wright, and the inexplicably married to Bobcat Goldthwait Nikki Cox.