Norm - Season 1

ABC (ended 2001)


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Episode Guide

  • Norm's Coach
    Norm's Coach
    Episode 10
    Norm's old coach comes back to train him so he can play in the charity hockey game. His coach is not as Norm remembers him, as he is now really overweight, and Norm discovers a secret that changes their relationship.
  • Norm, Crusading Social Worker
    Norm, embarrassed about being the new "Agony of Defeat" on ABC's Wide World of Sports, asks to be reinstated into hockey so he can play in a charity game and regain his somewhat good name. They choose against it so he takes on a high profile case in hopes that they'll change their minds.moreless
  • Drive, Norm Said
    Drive, Norm Said
    Episode 8
    Norm goes drinking and accidentally sleeps with a really annoying and rude woman everyone at the office hates. Danny has a client who's extremely hairy. Laurie needs to get her driver's license to drive a van for "Meals For the Homeless".
  • Denby's Kid
    Denby's Kid
    Episode 7
    Norm tells Mr. Denby's son that he should follow his dreams but Mr. Denby wants his son to go to military school. Norm thinks that if he Jason prepares a meal for his father, he'll see that his son has a real talent.
  • The New Boss
    The New Boss
    Episode 6
    When Mr. Curtis leaves after he tries to kill Norm, Laurie thinks she's the new boss, but the job is appointed to someone else, Mr. Denby. Laurie is placated when she is named co-supervisor, but finds the promotion comes at an unwelcome price.
  • My Name is Norm
    My Name is Norm
    Episode 5
    Norm goes drinking with a client and wakes up in rehab. He finds out that if he's an alcoholic he has less work to do, so he fakes being an alcoholic.
  • While You Weren't Sleeping
    Laurie gets a new boyfriend, but can't seem to fall asleep with him so she gets Norm to put her to sleep. Larry gets a girlfriend, but she has an ulterior motive to be with him. Norm likes a girl who's in love with his fiery temper from his hockey years.moreless
  • Norm Dates Danny's Dad
    Danny's dad comes to town and takes a liking to Norm. Norm fears he might be hitting on him. Danny feels neglected by his father.
  • Norm Dates a Client
    Norm meets a woman in a bar while trying to help a pathologically shy guy. He starts dating her, but faces an ethical dilemma when he finds out she's one of Laurie's clients. Danny has to help a client who has a phobia about water.
  • Norm and the Prototype
    Norm Henderson is an ex-hockey player who was banned from hockey for life for gambling and tax evasion. Now he must do 5 years of community service as a social worker or go to prison. His client today is a prostitute who works at a massage parlor. He tries to get her into a group home but she refuses to go so he forces into one. She files a report stating that he paid her 50 bucks to lie to his boss about having gotten a new job but it gets intercepted by Laurie and his boss doesn't find out about it. Also Norm gets a dog.moreless