North and South

Season 1 Episode 4

Book 1 - Episode 4

Aired Unknown Nov 03, 1985 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Time period: summer 1854 - autumn 1856. The Hazards visit the Mains in South Carolina. Billy and Brett fall in love, angering Ashton. Orry and Madeline become secret lovers. Billy and Charles graduate from West Point. Madeline helps Ashton out of trouble and is forced to lie to her husband who locks her up.moreless

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    Genie Francis

    Genie Francis

    Brett Main Hazard

    James Read

    James Read

    George Hazard

    Lesley-Anne Down

    Lesley-Anne Down

    Madeline Fabray LaMotte

    Patrick Swayze

    Patrick Swayze

    Orry Main

    Wendy Kilbourne

    Wendy Kilbourne

    Constance Flynn Hazard

    Kirstie Alley

    Kirstie Alley

    Virgilia Hazard

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • Ashton gets 6 uniform buttons, meaning she made out with 6 of Billy's friends at West Point Graduation Day.

      • When George brings up the conversation about Billy and Brett's marriage, he says that they are too young to marry. However, he married Constance when he graduated West Point, which would make him the same age as Billy is now.

    • QUOTES (22)

      • (After Madeline gives her opinion about Secession in public).
        Justin: My dear, you forget yourself. Nobody here in this company cares what you have to say. (Drags her out of the room)
        George: They're married, Orry. He's an arrogant ass but there's nothing you can do about it.
        Orry: I'd like to horse whip him!
        George: So would I. But it's not the time or the place.

      • Ashton: What's that smell... Yankee perfume?

      • Orry: I want you to meet me tomorrow. Just to talk.
        Madeline: What can we talk about? All the things that will never be?

      • Justin: (To Madeline after beating her) Rot in here for all I care.

      • Orry: (To Madeline): You mean more to me than anything else in the world.

      • Orry: (To Madeline) I am not most people. I am the man who loves you remember?

      • Charles: (To Ashton) Don't shame our family anymore than you have.

      • (At West Point cantina)
        George: Just like old days, isn't it Orry?
        Orry: Only this time we don't have to worry about getting caught, George.
        George: I've missed you old friend. Two years is a long time, and don't you tell me how busy you've been at the mill. I know what Virgilia did, and Grady did.
        Orry: George, I feel that I've let you down today. Now, what Virgilia did was wrong, but it was not your fault. I should've told you that then, or written.
        George: It's important that you're telling me now.
        George: Here's to friendship.
        Orry: Here's to it.

      • Ashton: You yankee boys are all alike, thinking y'all got something special.

      • Billy: Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?
        Brett: Yes! Oh yes!

      • Ashton: Billy Hazard, you're not going to run away from me again are you?
        Billy: As far as I can get.
        Ashton: That'll never be far enough, sweet Billy.

      • Virgilia: My husband and I will not prostitute ourselves for a few pieces of silver.

      • Nicholas Fabray: (Dying) We had a beautiful marriage your mother and I, I wanted that for you. I know now I did you a terrible wrong. I took Orry's letters so you would agree to marry Justin.
        Madeline: I know, and I forgave you a long time ago for that.
        Nicholas Fabray: Your mother's skin was fair, like yours, but Loret's mother, your great grandmother, was a decress, a slave.

      • Virgilia: I did help Grady escape Mr. Huntoon. You see him as a niger! I see him as a man who deserves to be free!

      • Virgilia: (To James Huntoon) If one of your prisoners escaped, I wish that man all the luck in the world.

      • Ashton: Since the Hazards have come to visit us, I've all but lost my appetite.

      • Grady: I don't believe in never.

      • Virgilia: I want to be your friend.
        Grady: Ain't no white lady in Carolina friend to a man like me.
        Virgilia: I'm from the North, and we hate slavery.

      • Ashton: Damn you!
        Billy: For knowing what you are?

      • Billy: I do like you Brett, I do.

      • Virgilia: I am Virgilia Grady-Hazard.

      • (At West Point graduation)
        Brett: (About Billy) Oh Ashton, isn't he handsome?
        Ashton: They all are, especially that one.
        Brett: I meant Billy.
        Ashton: I know who you meant. Although I don't understand what you see in that boy when there are so many men available.
        Brett: Billy is the man for me.
        Ashton: Well, I guess you'll just have to settle for whomever comes along, not being blessed with the same adventurous spirit as myself.
        Brett: And I'm sure your betrothed just adores that side of your nature.
        Ashton: James Huntoon. That sod.
        Brett: Ashton!
        Ashton: There's only one thing about him I find attractive: he has a brilliant future in politics and politics my dear sister is where the power is.
        Brett: But you do love him, don't you?
        Ashton: (Laughs) I couldn't possibly love just one man, think how disappointed the rest of them would be

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