North and South

Season 2 Episode 1

Book 2 - Episode 1

Aired Unknown May 04, 1986 on ABC

Episode Recap

The country is being torn in half as the Civil War strikes. The Yankee army consists of 40,000 men versus 22,000 recruited for the Confederate forces. The North wants to preserve the union at all cost, whereas the South considers Secession the only way to preserve their way of life. Things as they are, Orry, George, Charles and Billy get ready to fight.

General Orry Main is called to a meeting where Robert E. Lee is giving war advice to Jefferson Davis (the President of the South Confederacy), leaving Clarissa and Madeline behind in Mont Royal. In turn, General George Hazard is serving Lincoln's interests. Billy Hazard has become a sharp scooter and he is getting ready for combat. Captain Charles Main is sent in a scouting mission.

As Charles is keeping an eye on the Yankees camping in the outskirts of Washington, a female courier carrying medicines falls from her horse while escaping the North forces. Charles saves her life and escorts her home in Virginia. Her name is Augusta Barkley, a widowed and attractive young woman who lives with two freed slaves.

Virgilia is rejected from the hospital she is applying to become a nurse at. She resorts to Congressman Sam Greene for help and a recommendation. He agrees to give her a hand in exchange of sex, but Virgilia doesn't accept the man's conditions who finally agrees to make her the favour. George offers his sister help, but she says that it comes too late and they end up having a fight.

James Huntoon and Ashton attend President Davis' party, where James has an argument with him much to Ashton's disappointment. Elkanah Bent proposes James to become his associate for a smuggling business, but James declines the offer. Ashton, however, jumps into the business with Bent. Soon afterwards they meet together and discover they have more things in common than they thought: the illegal business, the hate for the Main and the Hazard and a passionate attraction for each other.

Justin, knowing that Clarissa and Madeline are alone at Mont Royal, kidnaps his wife and burns the Main's barn. Mrs. Main is hurt while trying to suffocate the fire. Brett receives a letter in Washington where she is informed that her mother is sick, so she embarks on a trip southwards with Semiramis.

The Manassas battle, which Yankess were almost sure they'd win due to the numerical superiority of their army, turns out being a victory for the South.
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