North and South

Season 2 Episode 2

Book 2 - Episode 2

Aired Unknown May 04, 1986 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Once they became lovers, Ashton calls Elkanah Bent El.

    • Goof: During their fight at Resolute, Justin hits Orry with a chimney ash remover in his chin, making a bleeding wound. However, when Justin falls off the window and Orry hugs Madeline, the wound is gone.

    • How did Bent get Madeline's mum paint? Madame Conti was really fond of it to sell it or give it away just like that.

    • Augusta is the widow of a man called Tom. We also learn that she had a baby who was born dead.

    • Madeline's full name is Madeline Eugene.

    • Goof: Augusta leaves Charles alone for a while to go tend a mare that is delivering a colt. In the next scene, the colt is clean and trotting around.

    • Goof: When Billy gets into a fist fight to recover the letter he is writing to Brett, his opponent is called Mr. Hansen. In the next shot, and as they are both being told off by their superior, Mr. Hansen is now called Mr. Kent.

    • Goof: After Augusta has healed Charles' wound, she helps him get a shirt on. However, such shirt disappears between shots.

    • Charles and his partner are wearing a ridiculously insufficient camouflage disguise made out of leaves and branches when they venture up north to keep an eye on the Yankee army's moves.

    • Green visits the hospital were Virgilia is working and as he crosses a wounded soldier in the hallway, he comments that it is extremely important to heal young men like that one so they can return to the battle field. However, that soldier he is referring to has lost a leg.

    • Bent is playing chess alone.

    • Goof: Semiramis rides a horse just fine when she is supposed not to ever have ridden one.

    • Goof: Brett and Semiramis steal a brown horse to escape the Yankees, however in the next scene the horse is a black one.

    • Goof: Brett only reacts after Semiramis has been shouting for a while. However, she is close enough to hear the men's teasing and the woman's attempts to escape when they find Semiramis in the river.

    • Goof: The intensity of Justin's scar changes from scene to scene from blood red to just noticeable.

    • Goof: When Orry is fighting Justin, the scar on Justin's face changes from the left side to the right side in different shots.

  • Quotes

    • George: We'll make it a West Point reunion. I'll even invite Marcus Hessler, remember him?
      Orry: (Tense pause) He was killed by a Union shooter last week.

    • George: Orry, Lincoln bend over backwards to accomodate the South...
      Orry: Then why did he invade Virginia? You call Bull Run accommodate?
      George: Wait a minute, I was there, I saw it! There was an entire rebel army waiting to invade the capital, what was Lincoln supposed to do? He took an oath to preserve the Union. The South started it by firing on Sumpter!
      Orry: We didn't start anything! We just wanted to be left alone!
      George: You never even gave him a chance! You refused to compromise! He just could not extend slavery into the new territories!
      Orry: That is not the issue George! We both agreed that slavery is an outmoded institution that will only hold South back!

    • Orry: (To Madeline) The day I met you was the day I was born.

    • Ashton: Oh El, I'm afraid of the dark!
      Elkanah Bent: You used to be afraid of me, but I think you've gotten over that.
      Ashton: What makes you think I've ever been afraid of a man?

    • George: (To Orry after saving his life) I've missed you, old friend.

    • Elkanah Bent: I don't like to be kept waiting. I have little patience where women are concerned.
      Ashton: Well Mr.Bent, maybe I shouldn't bother, then. Because I like a man with a lot of... patience.
      Elkanah Bent: Well then, considering all your attributes, patience may be a virtue I could make an effort to acquire.

    • Justin: (To Madeline) Would you like to watch while I kill your lover?

    • Madeline: (To Justin) I want my freedom, you can't force me to love you!

    • (After having a discussion about the war)
      George: (Pause) Dear God, what has happened to us?
      Orry: Well, I think that under the circumstances it was best that we ended our business partnership.

    • George: What's that on your finger?
      Orry: (Smiles) Madeline and I were finally married.
      George: Oh, congratulations!
      Orry: I wish you'd been there to be my best man.
      George: I'll make it up to you! Throw you the greatest party you ever saw, after the war!
      Orry: (Both laugh) Great!

  • Notes

    • During the filming of North And South: Book II, Jonathan Frake (Stanley) displayed a beard style that was really popular during the American Civil War. He really liked it carried on wearing it after he returned to Star Trek: The Next Generation for its second season, and became a personal trademark.

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