North and South

Season 2 Episode 3

Book 2 - Episode 3

Aired Unknown May 04, 1986 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Madeline is pregnant with Orry's baby.

    • Goof: Orry is asked to hand over some letters on his way south by a fellow soldier who hasn't seen his wife for 2 years. When Orry tells about this to Madeline, he says that the soldier hadn't seen his wife for a year.

    • Goof: Orry and two fellow soldiers leave towards Tennessee riding three light brown horses. However, they are forced to turn around seconds after and Orry is riding a dark brown horse.

  • Quotes

    • (After Ashton tells her that she knows about her mother's past and forces her leave Orry)
      Madeline: You must hate me very much, Ashton.

    • (Ashton leaves Mont Royal after attempting against Billy's life unsuccessfully)
      Brett: I do hope you have a safe trip, Ashton. Maybe you could stop at that Confederate camp and charm the colonel into giving you an escort north.
      Ashton: And if I never see you again, little sister, it would be too soon.

    • (Billy and Charles come face to face during Antietam Creek battle)
      Billy: Charles?
      Charles: Get out of here, Billy, before I have to kill you.
      Billy: Before I have to kill you.

    • (To Madeline)
      Ashton: Your mother sold herself to men for money.

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