North and South

Season 2 Episode 5

Book 2 - Episode 5

Aired Unknown May 04, 1986 on ABC
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Time period: December 1864 - late winter 1865. Orry and Charles save George from prison. Back at home, he knows about his brother's illegal busines. Virgilia is fired from the hospital and is forced to trade sex for money to survive. Orry and James Huntoon attack Bent's hideout nearly killing him. Orry finds out about Ashton's part in Madeline's disappearance and Huntoon about Ashton and Bent's affair.moreless

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    Genie Francis

    Genie Francis

    Brett Main Hazard

    James Read

    James Read

    George Hazard

    Lesley-Anne Down

    Lesley-Anne Down

    Madeline Fabray LaMotte

    Patrick Swayze

    Patrick Swayze

    Orry Main

    Wendy Kilbourne

    Wendy Kilbourne

    Constance Flynn Hazard

    Kirstie Alley

    Kirstie Alley

    Virgilia Hazard

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      • Bradley: This is not an official meeting but I wanted to warn you in time. Since two years, the Department of War receives complaints about flawy guns produced by Axol Iron. Do you know this firm?
        George: I have never heard about it.
        Bradley: A formal enquiry has been opened only recently and it was ascertained that Axol Iron is the cover-name of another weapon factory the Hazard Iron works.

      • Bradley: It was ascertained that these guns produced with flawy metallic leagues burst after a lengthened use; it seems that some artillery men have been killed by the explosion of their guns.
        George: Oh my god.
        Constance: But everybody knows that in absence of George it was his brother Stanley who lead the factory.
        Bradley: Unfortunately, the signature of the general is on many papers which connect the two factories.
        George: Someone must have falsified my signature.
        Constance: Somebody inside the firm.
        Bradley: Unfortunately you must prove it.
        Constance: My husband has risked to die, has undergone unutterable and unspeakable sufferings in prison and his government can arrive to accuse him of such a crime?

      • Maude: I just keep thinking of Billy and George. It doesn't seem like Christmas without them.
        Constance: No, it doesn't. Sometimes I wonder if I'll be able to survive another day without George. But, Mother, think about how difficult it must be for those families whose loved ones will never be coming home.
        Maude: I can't believe Clarissa is in the midst of that fighting. Every night I pray for the Mains just as I pray for our family. How can we sing about peace on earth goodwill towards men after four years of war? Dear God, how much longer must this go on?
        Constance: If General Grant takes Petersburg it might be over before we know it. I know. I know.
        (Butler answers the door)
        George: Merry Christmas, everyone.
        Constance: Oh, George, it's really you?

      • Ashton: (To Orry about Madeline's mother) She was a black whore in New Orleans!

      • Ashton: Will you forgive me, James?
        James Huntoon: It's too late for that, Ashton.

      • Orry: Damn you, Ashton! Get away from me... get away from my sight!

      • (Orry and Charles release George from Libby prison)
        George: I couldn't have lasted much longer in there, Orry... You saved my life. Thank you... both of you.
        Orry: Don't get yourself shot on your way home.
        (Helps George into a boat)
        Orry: You got food, a blanket, some old clothes... follow the current as long as you can, then head North. There you should find some Union troops.
        George: Would you do me another favor?
        Orry: What's that?
        George: Tell Jeff Davis that if he stops the war, I'll buy the champagne. (Smiles).
        Orry: (Smiles back) You best make that offer to Mr. Lincoln.

      • (About George being in prison)
        Charles: He's an enemy.
        Orry: What? Charles, that man is my best friend. What's wrong with you?

      • Ashton: I'm a sinner too... I will burn in hell with you, Elkanah.

      • Constance: Do you realize what you did? There was a governement enquiry and they are going to arrest George.
        Isabel: If he is in trouble, it's his guilt.
        Stanley: Now stop, Isabel. I gave you always all what you wanted but this time I will not sacrifice my brother for you.

      • George: (To Stanley) Now you must assume the whole responsibility of what you did and pay the ransom to the famlies of the fallen soldiers and thereafter you will face the prison. And you too, Isabel.
        Isabel: I have not done anything. On the papers there is no signature of mine.

      • George: If you find the courage of paying the consequences of what you did, you will have back my respect and consideration.
        Stanley: I will find this courage.

      • George: You have not only ruined this family's reputation, you have probably destroyed the future of the Hazard Iron, which is nothing compared to the senseless killing of how many Union soldiers! You miserable traitor!
        Stanley: Please, forgive me.

      • (about Orry)
        George: At first, it was like nothing had changed, it was just so good to see him again. But it became obvious to me that the war had done something to that sense of understanding that we always seemed to share. When we said goodbye, we were acting just like enemies. And when he broke me out of prison, it was more like he was paying an old debt instead of an act of friendship.
        Constance: Darling, I love Orry as much as you do, and I know the kind of man he is. He would never turn his back on you, or your friendship.

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      • Bent mentions that Rose Sinclair made a great Juliet.

        Juliet is one of the main characters in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.