North and South

Season 2 Episode 6

Book 2 - Episode 6

Aired Unknown May 04, 1986 on ABC
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Time period: March 1865 - May 1865. Orry is captured in the last major battle, but George gets him released. The Civil War ends. The former overseer of the Main plantation attacks it and Orry's mother is killed in the attack. George helps Orry find Madeline while Virgilia is sentenced to death. Orry and George renew their families' friendship and business.moreless

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    Genie Francis

    Genie Francis

    Brett Main Hazard

    James Read

    James Read

    George Hazard

    Lesley-Anne Down

    Lesley-Anne Down

    Madeline Fabray LaMotte

    Patrick Swayze

    Patrick Swayze

    Orry Main

    Wendy Kilbourne

    Wendy Kilbourne

    Constance Flynn Hazard

    Kirstie Alley

    Kirstie Alley

    Virgilia Hazard

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (5)

      • The Union officer who spares Mont Royal identifies himself as Major Fisk. He previously appeared as Orry and George's fellow cadet at West Point. He was the one who at first despised Orry for his southern roots, but later on they got along especially since Orry helped him financially to finish his training at the Academy. Fisk repays Orry's generosity not burning down Mont Royal when the war is over, even though neither of them are aware of this fact.

      • Goof: Charles' son looks the same age or older than Orry's, even though the later is supposed to be the oldest of both.

      • Goof: Billy is shot in his shoulder but still immediately afterwards he carries Tom, the drummer boy, in his arms.

      • Goof: Virgilia wasn't the first woman to ever die hung in the United States. It was Mary Surrate, convicted of conspiracy to kill President Lincoln. However it is believed she was innocent.

      • Despite featured in the opening credits, Terri Garber (Ashton Main) does not appear in this episode.

    • QUOTES (3)

      • (Looking at the ashes of Mont Royal)
        Orry: I'm glad my father didn't live to see this. I got married here, George, the happiest day of my life.
        George: We can't fool ourselves by thinking it will be easy to rebuild this country, Orry. It won't be. We've all suffered too much. But, in a way, our families have been blessed and our friendship's endured. Maybe it's up to us in our own way to start healing the wounds of the nation. I want to reinvest in our textile mill, Orry, and I want you to use the profits to rebuild Mont Royal.
        Orry: You're the best friend a man could ever have, George.
        George: We're a family, Orry, you remember that.

      • (George finds Orry in a field hospital)
        George: The last time we spoke, I told you to take care of yourself. You obviously weren't listening to me.
        Orry: Nobody was listening those days.

      • Madeline: You mean you'll take me back? You still want me?
        Orry: I never wanted you to go. I love you Madeline. I always have.
        Madeline: I love you, too. Please, believe me. I love you, too.
        Orry: I do.
        Madeline: But I have to tell you, there's another man in my life now. (They walk over to the cradle where their son is laying. She picks up their son and hands him over to Orry) Orry Nicholas Maine, your son.
        Orry: (takes their son from Madeline and then looks at Madeline in the eye) I love you.
        (They share a kiss).

    • NOTES (4)

      • Despite in the book Love and War Orry Main dies, the end was rewritten so the hero wouldn't die at the end of the movie, having George find his best friend sitting under a tree. However, Orry Main would be ultimately killed in the Heaven or Hell. Patrick Swayze wanted to reprise the role but he and the producers had creative differences over Orry that didn't sound like a satisfactory end for the character to the actor, so Swayze backed out.

      • Despite featured in the opening credits, Jim Metzler (James Huntoon) and Terri Garber (Ashton Main) do not appear in this episode.

      • Because of the noticeable differences in the ending of Book II as compared to the novel, Book III wasn't originally planned to be filmed, that's why it took so long to create the last installment of the series.

      • Nomination:
        1986 Emmy: Several people for Outstanding Sound Editing for a Miniseries or a Special.

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