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Books or series?

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    [1]Mar 8, 2009
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    I always like books better, and this series is no exception. The differences in the plot are absurd at times, the books are really thrilling and offer way more content. Still I have to say that in this case, the adaptation (be it props, shooting locations, wardrobe, Historical accuracy..) is amazing. All the money put into it paid off nicely
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    [2]Aug 12, 2009
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    I enjoyed the first book very much, not so much the next two. The series adaptation was enjoyable though, I thought it was quite well done.
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    [3]Feb 21, 2012
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    It's tough but the books were better by a small margin. We go into the history more of the characters and the historical accuracy was amazing. Still, the movies were the best book to film adaptations I had ever seen. Some differences, yet, but for the most part stuck to the story. Orry living through Book 2 was the best part. The ending with all walking away from Mont Royal w/ regrets but looking forward to the future worked perfectly.

    Book 3.....gotta go w/ book. I didn't like the fact Constance was murdered and George's feelings for Madelline could have been handled better, but it had so much that didn't get put in the movie. The book goes to 1877, includes Charles and Willa's future and the families. It was my least favorite by a long shot and have only read it twice (the others multiple times), but Heaven and Hell was 10 x better than Book 3 miniseries

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