North and South

ABC (ended 1994)





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  • A True Mini-series classic

    The mini-series for all romance lovers out there. Not only are the love stories engaging and heartfelt but the show is one of the most visually amazing shows of the '80s.

    You have stars before they were stars like Kirstie Alley and Jonathan Frakes. And then you have stars at the height of the popularity like Parker Stevenson and Genie Francis. And of course you have great guest stars like David Carradine, Elizabeth Taylor and Robert Mitchum. The show does a great job of showing both sides of the Civil War and wanting you to root for the friendship between George and Orry. One boy from the North and one boy from the South who meet at Westpoint before the Civil War. Granted Book 3 isn't as engaging but it is still one of the best mini-series ever made.
  • I wish they still made television like this superb adaptation of John Jakes' excellent books.

    Filmed in three parts, "North and South" was one of the most epic mini-series of its time. Starring Patrick Swayze, James Read, Jean Simmons, Genie Francis and Kirstie Alley among others, the series told the story of the Hazard and Main families, from Pennsylvania and South Carolina respectively, and the strong friendship between the sons of each, George Hazard and Orry Main.

    This friendship endured the hardships of West Point, the horrors of the American Civil War and betrayal by members of their own families. Superb filming and equally wonderful costumes made this series a 'must see' for American history buffs.

    Of course, there were many inaccuracies but television and film do that all the time, and they didn't take away from the lavish spectacle of the series itself for one minute. It is a series that can be watched over and over again without boredom and is highly entertaining, particularly parts 1 and 2. I felt that part 3 lost a lot with the exit of Patrick Swayze but, apart from that, it was a stellar cast throughout and I have no complaints.
  • They don't make them like they used to that's for sure.

    I was a young man when this TV mini series came on. I was memerized by the story! This was something that hadn't been done before. I waited with baited breath as the drama of two best friends and their families played out during the Civil War.

    This was an all out star studded attempt at a story of what happens when two best friends who went to West Point together find themselves on opposite ends of of morals and values when the Civil War breaks out.

    It weaves drama, action, and romance intertwined with the war as a the backdrop of the lives of the Mains and Hazards.

    Book's I and II were the best to me.