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North and South (UK)

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Margaret Hale lives in the south of England with her family when her father has some trouble with the church and is forced to move north to the town of Milton. Margaret is soon faced with the extreme contrast between the rich and the poor in the town of Milton and decides that she must help. Mr. Thornton owns a cotton mill in Milton, and becomes embroiled in a bitter conflict with Margaret due to her tampering. Through the conflict, Mr. Thornton finds out that he is in love with Margaret.

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AIRED ON 12/5/2004

Season 1 : Episode 4

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  • Extraordinary drama/romance

    I truly love North and South. It has replaced Pride and Prejudice as my favorite romance ever.

    The story is about Margaret, a young Englishwoman in 1850, who moves with her parents from the agrarian English South to the Northern industrial city of Milton. She meets and takes an immediate dislike to the "hard, but fair" cotton mill owner Mr. Thornton, who becomes a good friend of her father's. To further distance Margaret and Thornton, just as they start to know each other, a strike of mill workers reveals that Margaret's sympathies are with the poor and downtrodden workers, while Thornton sees the strikers as threatening everything he has devoted his life to achieving. A love story between these two very different people seems impossible, yet not only does it develop, it is perhaps the most romantic, passionate love story I have ever seen on film. The acting was wonderful, particularly the excellent Richard Armitage as Thornton. It was a demanding role - a character who we perceive one way at the beginning and learn to know and love by the end. He was so good that it was impossible to look at anyone else while he was on screen.moreless
  • The best period drama that ever existed!

    This mini-series is simply great. There is nothing I can criticize about it and I never ever regretted having bought the DVD box. That's also what I would recommend everyone else.

    This show deals with the crucial differences between the North and the South of England in the 19th century. Not only is the general appearance (landscape, nature, cities) different, but also the people living there are different, having different values and moral systems.

    This is explored in detail in the show, being an essential part. But it is so marvellously done that not one second does it get too much or too boring.

    The cast, especially the two protagonists, Daniela Denby-Ashe and Richard Armitage, are so very talented actors that their chemistry is almost tangible and one really lives with both of them through good and bad.

    The language is absolutely no problem, one should be aware though that there are pronounciation differences between North and South. But not once is it hard to make out what it said.

    From beginning to end one loves the series and not once is there the urge to hit the button and shut off the TV. The nearly fours hours one invests in watching are NEVER lost and always worth it, every single minute.

    This series is purely addictive!moreless

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