North of 60

CBC (ended 1997)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 6
    • Distant Drumming
      Distant Drumming
      Episode 18
      Teevee tries to convince Michelle to accept his idea for an aboriginal police force. As time goes by, a tourist is killed in Lynx River and the suspicion falls on Matthew and another town resident.
    • Another Country
      Another Country
      Episode 17
      On his way to Calgary, Teevee is arrested for murder of a young woman. Michelle decides to prove that Teevee is innocent, and she'll be surprised when the investigation leads her back to Lynx River.
    • Dream Storm
      Dream Storm
      Episode 16
      A series of mysterious things are happening in Lynx River, as the residents, mostly Michelle and Teevee are having nightmares, and soon a murdered person is found in the river. Children get a mysterious desease. What is happening?
    • Rumours
      Episode 15
    • Trial by Fire
      Trial by Fire
      Episode 15
      While planning to bring in more tourism to Lynx River, a man is murdered, and Peter is the main suspect, last seen arguing with the victim. Michelle wants to believe her brother is innocent, but he seems to by lying. What is the actual truth?
    • Freeze Chat
      Freeze Chat
      Episode 14
    • In the Blue Ground
      In the Blue Ground
      Episode 14
      Michelle investigates a murder of a geologist in Lynx River, and she thinks she knowns who is the murderer when she finds an important piece of evidence. Meanwhile, Sarah is kidnapped, so Michelle, James and Joe have to find her before it's too late.
    • Borrowed Time
      Borrowed Time
      Episode 13
      In the series finale, Sarah finds out the reason why Albert didn't want to have an important operation. Teevee gets sidetracked while hiking to his father's cabin. Gerry Kisilenko receives a letter that might change his life forever. Albert asks Joe Gomba for a big favor. Const. Harper finally has proof of Albert's money laundering which should be enough to get Albert arrested.moreless
    • I Shall Not Want
      I Shall Not Want
      Episode 12
      Const. James Harper keeps investigating the case of Michelle's shooting. Charlie is excited by Michelle's return, but also unhappy because she won't quit her job. Harris tries to find a way to help a desperate Lois.
    • A Sparrow Falls
      A Sparrow Falls
      Episode 11
      Lois is stressed out by Teevee's dissappereance and her new baby. Albert is pressured by the band council to start the new water system plan, as promised. Const. James Harper is still trying to find out who attacked Michelle, but Charlie decides to take things into his own hands.
    • The Smell of Violets
      Const. James Harper and Insp. Cormier are still trying to find out who attacked Michelle, and why is Teevee suddenly missing. Harris isn't happy about Jesse's upcoming christening, but Gerry is.
    • Heroes (For One Day)
      Sarah isn't ready to tell Nathan that he is the father of her unborn child. Insp. Cormier arrives in Lynx River, looking for the person who shot Michelle. Teevee finds out that Joe Gomba and other town residents could get fired to make a new business plan, so he decides to take things into his own hands and save the town's dignity.moreless
    • If I Have Been Untrue
      When a man is beat up near Lynx River by Williams' thugs, he has no idea why was he driving near the town. Rosie wants Teevee to tell the band coucil (or Bertha) about what happened in Calgary. Also, Const. James Harper tries to get Teevee and Nathan to reveal the location of the rifle used to shoot Albert Golo.moreless
    • Oil & Water
      Oil & Water
      Episode 7
      Teevee tries to convince the band council to accept his plan of putting the Lynx River Resources on the Alberta stock exchange, but when Elsie asks him for a new water system, Teevee lies to her about investors. Nathan dissapears. Leon tries to make up with Rosie.
    • Peter & The Wolf
      Peter & The Wolf
      Episode 6
      Leon gets a visit from an unexpected visitor. Peter is stressed out by an upcoming race. Sarah gets closer with a rig foreman.
    • Love Hurts
      Love Hurts
      Episode 5
      Teevee does his best to make Peter unwanted among the townspeople. James's father, Senator Jack Harper, shows up in Lynx River and immediately asks Michelle to give his son a transfer, and while he is there, he offers Peter a business. Harris is preparing for his baby's arrival.
    • Sleeping Dogs
      Sleeping Dogs
      Episode 4
      Peter is hiding from a Revenue agent. Nathan, James and Joe are frustrated by Michelle's unwillingness to arrest Albert. Gerry's relationship with a bank officer goes into a crisis.
    • Ghosts
      Episode 3
      Peter brings a friend named Harry Dobbs to Lynx River to help him control the town funds and when the drillers find gas, things might get out of control. After checking out of hospital, Joe Gomba returns home, unready to change his lifestyle and watch over his condition. Teevee wants Gerry to invest in a possible hot stock.moreless
    • Cold
      Episode 2
      Brenda Shore returns to Lynx River expecting a welcom from Bertha and Teevee, but things might not go the way she thought they would go. Meanwhile, after clearing out the road, Teevee stays trapped in a blizzard with a friend.
    • The Road
      The Road
      Episode 1
      The plans for building a road in Lynx River are still in progress. Const. James Harper is surprised to learn that Michelle isn't leaving the force. Sarah keeps having visions of Albert.
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