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Joe and the Caribou

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    Just finished watching all series episodes, (not the movies), for this wonderful show. After watching, I found myself with a question i have not yet been able to answer - and one which led to a close friend becoming extreemly upset with the copies i obtained. In the episode, "Miles to Go", Eric and Joe are looking for missing hiker as they stumble upon a caribou. A few episodes later Eric and Leon again spot a caribou. in the episodes i have viewed, there is no further mention of the caribou. My friend says that my episodes are in error, as the caribou return in another episode which features Joe and the reason the caribou have not been seen in over 10 years.

    My question is is my friend correct, and if so, what episode featured this event? My friend is adamant that it was featured in the series, but as i wrote, i have watched all seires episodes, and have not found another reference to Joe and the caribou. If this event happened in one of the tv movies, which movie was it?

    any and all help with this question would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thanks in advance!

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