North of 60

CBC (ended 1997)


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  • Bring North of 60 to DVD!!!!!!

    I loved this show, and I have searched everywhere for it on DVD or Blu Ray.. When will it ever be available!?? Please, Please, Please come out on DVD!!!!!??
  • This show North Of 60 is about aboriginal people living on in a small town of Lynx river, North West Territories, It's full of drama. They main character of this show is Michelle Kenndi (Tina Keeper) a cop who lives there and endures drama everyday.

    I love North Of 60, I watch it everyday. It is my favorite show although my friends think its, I think they should put it on dvd or something becuz theres probly alot of people who want it on dvd, i know i do. They shouldn't have stopped making this show, I didnt watch all the episodes yet because i just started watching it on t.v, all the drama is like really cool, you'll never know whuts gonna happen next on this show. All the characters are great, except for Albert haha I hate that guy, bring north of 60 back.
  • Hi,My name is Kristie I watch north of 60 all the time just realized they took it off the air.Wish they would bring it back on miss the show.

    Please would someone bring north of 60 back on the air miss it that was my 11am show now have to find another show to watch at 11..PLEASE PLEASE bring it back..My worst favorite episode was when michelle's
    daughter died I cried when that happened also when sarah's tent got torn into and they lost their wood
    stove the show really inspired me to help others.
    I just want the show back on the air bring it back please please please bring north of 60 back on the air even repeats will do can watch it over and over and over again.
  • North of 60 Has is very good culture show

    I have watch this every day. Not every day you learn about other people and there cultures. I like the show as I love alot of the things from the past life how they eat raise the family and how they live in the everyday weather. Some time we can learn by this. The world has become one big Digltal Camera. the way life is has made it to easy where you don't have to go out in the fields to plant and live off the land. It would be nice to see things more like this with out alot of the killing
  • The North of 60 series inspires me as well as teaches me the way of the Native culture. It is a very different way of life, but a very peaceful and realistic ways of teaching.

    The North of 60 series and movies portrays a very different way of life of the Native culture. It is the closest movie i have seen to the actual reality of life. You can learn the way of their living through watching the movie and you even can feel their way of life. It has very important messages that you can learn. This movie inspires me very much to go farther north, for i actually moved farther up north myself and have learned, i would like to go farther and learn from actual experiences. This would be a great challenge to do, and hope one day to do it. This show inspires me a great deal.
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