North of 60 - Season 1

CBC (ended 1997)


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Episode Guide

  • Fire
    Episode 16
    Teevee has a fight with Michelle, and latert her house burns down, so he turns out to be the prime suspect. Eric has to move in Sarah's apartment, to make place for Michelle and Hannah, and he has to decide whether to take the new job offer.
  • Southern Comfort
    Southern Comfort
    Episode 15
    Eric (who was ment to go to Hawaii on vacation, with Sarah) goes to Vancouver to find Teevee, who is trying to find Leslie. Teevee soon learns that Leslie has a boyfriend. And things get even worse. Peter isn't happy to see Harris coming on to Lois Tenia. Eric gets a tempting job offer from one of his old friends while in Vancouver.moreless
  • All About Leslie
    All About Leslie
    Episode 14
    A new student in town, named Leslie, seems to drive all the boys in the town crazy, and both Teevee and Harris are trying to seduce her, but it seems like she can only see Eric, and she is ready to do anything to make him notice her. Rosie is driving everyone crazy with the wedding preparations.moreless
  • Freeze Out
    Freeze Out
    Episode 13
    Leon Deela and his friend Ray Jhikhe's drunk night turns out to be a total disaster when Ray dies. Leon blames Albert for his death. An unknown person decides to resolve things by shooting Albert. Sarah is frustrated when Eric starts avoiding her. Rosie can't forgive Leon.
  • Sisters of Mercy
    Sisters of Mercy
    Episode 12
    Eric's estranged son arrives in Lynx River, and starts hanging out with Teevee. Although Eric warned him to stay away from Teevee, Andy refuses to listen to his father, and ends up in trouble. Hannah is having trouble at school.
  • The Art of the Deal
    The Art of the Deal
    Episode 11
    Sarah and Eric are trying to convince Joe Gomba to stop eating meat, because it's hurting his stomach. Michelle suspects that a new man in town, Rico Nez, isn't working legal.
  • The Act of Hares
    The Act of Hares
    Episode 10
    Eric is frustrated by Sarah's weird behaviour lately. Andre LeBret thinks that Peter slept with his life and attacks him. Meanwhile, Albert wants Eric to investigate Peter.
  • Cold Comfort
    Cold Comfort
    Episode 9
    When Teeve videotapes Eric and Sarah in a compromising situation, he wants to publish the videotape on the cable television. Donna starts acting rebellious, which brings back Michelle's memories as a teenager.
  • Birthright
    Episode 8
    Eric creates a boxing program for local boys. Teevee isn't happy to see that Joey wants to be with his sister. Ellen refuses to give birth in Yellowknife. Harris Miller decides to create a midwifery school in the town.
  • The Reunion
    The Reunion
    Episode 7
    Michelle is suspicious of a Wolverine Lake resident. Eric's wife Lindy and two chidren arrive in Lynx River, but their reunion doesn't turn out the way they hoped, mostly due to Eric and Lindy's marriage difficulties.
  • Out of the Blue
    Out of the Blue
    Episode 6
    The U.S. Air Force men are forced to make a stop in Lynx River after a food poisoning emergency, and while the captain is resting in the clinic, Eric is surprised to find Marie Tenia and Donna Kizha entertaining the others. Teevee fells guilty for the way his sister Marie was acting.moreless
  • Letting Go
    Letting Go
    Episode 5
    Elsie Tsa Che points to an obvious attraction between Eric and Sarah. Joey Small Boat and Teevee talk Hannah Kenidi into stealing candies from Gerry's store. Also, when Hannah's father arrives in Lynnx River, Hannah realizes its a great opportunity to dodge her troubled connection with Michelle.
  • Fair Trade
    Fair Trade
    Episode 4
    Joey Small Boat and Teevee Tenia find an old skeleton of a lost hunter, and prepare to return it to the man's family, but Albert Golo steals it and demands to get his family's bones out of a museum. RCMP Inspector Cormier appears in Lynnx River to see how is Eric doing.moreless
  • The Road Not Taken
    The Road Not Taken
    Episode 3
    Two government surveyors announce their plans for a new highway in the town, and the people from Lynnx River have mixed feelings towards the news. Al Bishop returns to Lynnx River and desperately tries to get along with Sara.
  • A Different Drummer
    Eric becomes involved in a marriage fight between Rosie and her husband Leon Deela when Leon files charges against his wife. Also, Eric tries to put Albert Golo and his sons out of business.
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    The story about the people from Lynnx River begins when Eric Olssen moves from Vancouver, ready to begin a new life, after his marriage failed and his partner died. Eric tries to fit in with the residents, but he will find it hard to change their habits.