North of 60 - Season 3

CBC (ended 1997)


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Episode Guide

  • The Trial
    The Trial
    Episode 16
    The Golo boys threaten Teevee and Daniel Deela before Nathan's trial. Sarah thinks about moving out of the town. Lois returns from the hospital, and she is visited by Harris. Teevee is angry when Joey expresses his affections for Bertha. Also, Bertha refuses to go out of town when Teevee thinks about taking a job in another town.moreless
  • Life is a Memory
    Life is a Memory
    Episode 15
    Lois decides to take a drastic measure after being rejected by both Ben and Harris. The rumors about Nevada being HIV positive spread out in the town, causing a havoc.
  • The Hunt
    The Hunt
    Episode 14
    Albert makes a surprising return to Lynx River and takes over his position as a chief. Joe and Leon find Ben drunk outside of the town. Teevee asks Michelle for protection because he convinced Nathan to trust him, and he is trying to catch him in a lie.
  • Shelter
    Episode 13
    Albert is absent from Lynx River, so Peter has a chance to become a chief. Leon and Rosie fight due to her job responsobilities. Teevee isn't happy to see an old acquaintance from Vancouver.
  • Bargains
    Episode 12
    Ben continues causing a havoc in Lynx River. Peter neglects his duties as a member of a band council. Albert also causes troubles for the people he knows. Brian and Michelle are about to alarm Nathan Golo for bootlegging when Albert discovers something that might change Brian's decidion.
  • Break Dance
    Break Dance
    Episode 11
    Michelle alerts Sarah about Albert, but Sarah doesn't believe her. Teevee is shocked when he finds someone familiar in Ben Montour's motel room.
  • The Ties That Bind
    The Ties That Bind
    Episode 10
    Albert's old friend Ben Montour arrives in Lynx River, looking for a chance to get his life back in order, but Ben will find it very difficult to cope with people in the town. Ellen and Peter's are facing a relationship crisis.
  • The Gift
    The Gift
    Episode 9
    Peter thinks about taking a job offer in Ottawa. Bertha is frustrated because Teevee can't support her or the baby. Betty offers Sarah a job at the treatment center, but Albert isn't happy about it, so he asks Sandy to get Betty out of his way.
  • You Can't Get There From Here
    On the first night of the opening of the treatment center things semm to get out of hand. Betty finds out that Suzie Muskrat, who was ment to be her first client, dissapeared. Teevee and Peter go to Yellowknife to purse Teevee's idea for a regional youth recreation coordinator. Peter gets a job offer in Ottawa.moreless
  • Spin Dry
    Spin Dry
    Episode 7
    Michelle and Hannah's weekend camping brings ugly memories of Michelle's childhood. Teevee tries to convince Bertha to stay in Lynx River. Betty has new plans for the treatment center.
  • A Rock and a Hard Place
    While Michelle is still trying to come to terms with Eric's death, Cpl. Brian Fletcher arrives in the town to take care of the business. Michelle considers quitting her job, but Albert convinces her to keep it. Teevee wants a raise, and when he doesn't get it, he decidesto quit his job.moreless
  • The Cure
    The Cure
    Episode 5
    Bertha is trying to deal with Teevee's lazyness. Albert convinces Betty Moses to not create a new treatment center in Fort McIntyre, but in Lynx River. Betty arrives with Sandy Carlisle in the town, while Peter wonders what made Betty change her mind.
  • Partners
    Episode 4
    Bertha returns to Lynx River, so Teevee tries to make things straight with her. Gerry's shop isn't doing well, so Rosie considers buying it.
  • Pulling Up Stakes
    Pulling Up Stakes
    Episode 3
    A diamond mining company is doing some work near Lynx River, and the residents aren't too happy about it. Michelle learns about Hannah's rebellious behaviour.
  • The Long Goodbye
    The Long Goodbye
    Episode 2
    The entire Lynx River is shaken by Eric's sudden death. His wife Lindy comes to get his stuff. Meanwhile, Albert thinks about replacing the RCMP detachment with a band constable.
  • Fallen Angel
    Fallen Angel
    Episode 1
    Now that he is the head chief, Albert uses his powers for personal favors. But, problems are near. Sarah finds out that some of the kids were sniffing gasoline, which makes Michelle worry that Hannah might be one of them.