North of 60 - Season 4

CBC (ended 1997)


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Episode Guide

  • Tango
    Episode 16
    Albert returns to Lynx River, and he wants to have the custody of Sarah's baby, claiming that Sarah isn't a good mother. Rosemary miscarries, which comes as a big shock to both Rosemary and Brian. Ellen decides to leave Lynx River with Elijah, feeling that Peter never cared for either her or their son. Charlie has to move away to Hay River to a foster home, but he refuses to leave.moreless
  • Prodigal Son
    Prodigal Son
    Episode 15
    Suzie Muskrat comes to Lynx River, looking for her son Charlie. A fire breaks out in the treatment center, so Ellen is worried about the insurance. Rosemary and Brian return to Lynx River after their trip to Vancouver, hiding the real reason why they left.
  • A Safe House
    A Safe House
    Episode 14
    Teevee receives bad news about his recent job application. Betty shows up in Lynx River, at Michelle's house, with Suzie Muskrat's son Charlie. Peter expresses his frustration over Michelle's relationship with Andrew One Sky.
  • To Have And To Hold
    To Have And To Hold
    Episode 13
    Sarah is still trying to find a place for herself and the baby to stay. Harris and Lois are preparing for their wedding, but everything turns into a disaster. Michelle and Andrew fight over the treatment center.
  • Traces and Tracks
    Traces and Tracks
    Episode 12
    Teevee applies for a new job. Sarah returns to Lynx River, looking for a place to stay. Michelle arrests William for smuggling drugs, and he drives her crazy, until she knocks him out.
  • Vantage Point
    Vantage Point
    Episode 11
    Brian and Rosemary are accepted into a fertilization clinic, but Brian isn't ready. Rosemary convinces Lois to flirt with Harris again. Joey Small Boat shows his affection for Bertha, and both Teevee and William MacNeil aren't too happy about it. Sarah starts working in a casion in Ontario, but finds herself in troubles, again.moreless
  • Moonlight Sonata
    Moonlight Sonata
    Episode 10
    Although Brian advises her not to return so soon, Michelle thinks it's time for her to return to her old job. Brian asks Inspector Cormier for his opinion on this. Sarah is faced with a life decidion when the band council offers to give her apartment back to her, because the apartment is full of painful memories. Peter is convinced that there is something happening between Andrew and Ellen. Teevee schemes again.moreless
  • Revolving Door
    Revolving Door
    Episode 9
    Bertha & Teevee continue fighting. Ellen needs someone to help her keep the treatment center opened, and Andrew One Sky, who arrived in Lynx River to see Michelle, may come in handy.
  • A Shot Rang Out
    A Shot Rang Out
    Episode 8
    Freddy Small Boat, a man who will die in a few days, accuses Albert of murdering Rosie's father 27 years ago, and Rosie wants Albert arrested, but there isn't enough evidence. During the investigation, the tension rises in Lynx River.
  • The Weight
    The Weight
    Episode 7
    After an another tragedy, Hannah's death, Michelle wants Inspector Cormier to transfer her to Yellowknife. Sarah isn't ready to face Michelle, but when she does, Michelle isn't going to react the way she hoped she would. Wayne is having the toughest time of his life dealing with Hannahs death.
  • Take Me Home
    Take Me Home
    Episode 6
    Teevee learns that the mine he has been working at has been shut down, so he has no money more to pay for the motel he stayed in with Anne-Marie, so they are forced to move in with his family. Sarah can't wait for her baby to come. Meanwhile, Michelle, Louis and Andrew are still trying to find Hannah.moreless
  • The Visit
    The Visit
    Episode 5
    Teevee returns to Lynx River, with a new girlfriend, and a lot of money. Michelle leaves to Calgary, to visit Hannah, and finds out she's been missing, so she decides to find her with the help of Andrew One Sky.
  • Limbo
    Episode 4
    A frustrated Gerry closes his store. Nathan's isolation shows sings of insanity. Sarah doesn't want to give birth in Yellowknife. Ellen is mad when Peter doesn't care about their baby.
  • At Home and Away
    At Home and Away
    Episode 3
    Nathan gets help from Sarah, Rosemary and Gerry. A government inspector arrives in Lynx River to determine is Sarah can still have mental health benefits. Sarah is worried about the outcome. Teevee returns to Lynx River, expecting to continue his life just in the way he did before he left. Joe has to deal with his health problems, and both Peter and Michelle are worried for him.moreless
  • Arrival and Departure
    Hannah makes a surprising return to Lynx River, with some noticable changes. Brian's wife arrives in Lynx River, determined to stay there for good.
  • Refugees
    Episode 1
    Sarah is worried about the future of her baby if Albert keeps on dissapearing. Both Gerry's house and Ben Montour's raven sculpture are in danger. Nathan wants to end his punishment.
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