North Shore

Season 1 Episode 4

Meteor Shower

Aired Unknown Jul 05, 2004 on FOX



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    • Kurt: Now, the haole kid needs to give me my money. Period.
      Frankie: Bro, who are you calling haole? You were born in Santa Monica.

    • Nicole: Are you going running with Morgan tomorrow?
      Jason: Apparently, yeah.
      Nicole: Why?
      Jason: He asked me.
      Nicole: You kiss me this morning, and now you want to be his best man? What are you trying to do, Jason?
      Jason: I'm sizing up the competition.

    • Tessa: According to the National Weather Service, more of the same. I'm sorry, Dr. Birtwhistle.
      Dr. Birtwhistle: We need clear skies. The Spaski meteor shower won't display like this for 70 years.
      Tessa: Well, would you like the same rooms in 2074?

    • Chris: So, where are your roommates?
      MJ: Out. Or dead, if they come home.

    • Jason: Hey, where's Gabriel?
      Frankie: Swapped out with Pete.
      Jason: Again? Well, where the hell is Pete?
      Frankie: The bathroom.
      Jason: Well, I hope he told everyone not to drown while he's gone.

  • Notes

    • Music featured in the episode included:
      "Cold Hard Bitch" - Jet
      "You Are My Number One" - Smash Mouth
      "Luv Luv" - Kawiki Regidor
      "Ho' Oipo Mai Oi" - Kawiki Regidor
      "Ashes" - Pepper
      "The Silence of Selling Yourself Short" - Less Than Jake
      "Smiling" - Steve Wilks
      "First Day of The Rest of Our Lives" - MXPX
      "Another Perfect Day" - American Hi-Fi

    • The original broadcast of this episode scored a 3.4/6 rating, bringing the total viewers for the episode to 4.09 million.

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