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  • This show was like the next Guilty pleasure until FOX pulled the know they need to admit not many people watch that network on certain nights and stop cancelling every show that doesnt do so well in its ratings. This was classic, I mean hot guy

    I loved this show...Ill admit I was slow to come around but I wanna know what happens FOX cancelled the show on a cliffhanfer and I wont be happy till this show is on DVD and has a proper endind....AT LEAST!!!!!!! AHHHHHH FOX why did yoy Cancel North Shore WHY!!!!!
  • JASON!!!!

    I don't know where they found him, but he is amazing.
    The show is one of my faves but it is completely because of him.
    I think I am moving to Hawaii :) lol
    I hope to see him in more shows, there are just not enough men in the world like that!
  • Wrap the show up for the people who watched all 22 episodes.

    This was an allright show with some good actors on it. The story was actually pretty good and for whatever reason my wife and I were really sucked in. We watched the whole first season to have it canceled with nothing sumed up in the season finale. I hate it when they cancel a show and never wrap it up for the people who watched the whole flipping season. Gosh!
  • This is news to me that this was cancelled. I thought this was the new O.C., for a slightly older generation. This show has...or had potential.

    To me, a show has to be given a second chance. Who doesn't like seeing life lived out on the beaches? If you gave the O.C, with such far-fetched ideas or unbelievable story lines (not that I don't enjoy them) another seaon (or did you?), why not North Shore? Fox used to be a channel I had to watch every night. Now? Once a week if I have nothing better to do. North Shore had the classic story of a guy and a girl destined to be together, but life...or other people get in the way. So it leaves us wanting to watch every week to see if they finally get together. But the shows over...another disappointment by Fox.
  • This show was so amazing! i am soo surprised that it got cancelled! like i am really upset. Well fox has no idea what they lost.

    This show was amazing! The stories were great! The people in it were wonderful and freakin hot! I got soo hooked on this show! It was soo awesome. I dont understand why they would cancell this show..and then put more aweful reality shows or something stupid like that. This is ridiculous how they throw the best shows out..Dont be surprised if the OC goes too b/c thats also a good its probably going to get cancelled too.
  • About the NOrth Shore on Fox

    I thought this show was great. I loved the characters. You couldn't wait to see what would happen next. You actually started to love the characters. They keep all these other shows...I want this show to return. Also, since it is really should be on. I love the fact that it takes place in Hawaii....the scenery is wonderful...the story lines are great. I didn't like the fact that they left you hanging.....I hate when shows do that. They get the audience and then they cancel the show....what is wrong with that picture. Also, you really don't know what is happening anymore...since it has been off the air so long....please bring it back

  • I loved this show. It was mostly about the beach and beautiful people though.

    Yes, I understand how some Hawaians are pissed that almost EVERYONE on the show is white. But still, I like most of the actors in North Shore. Corey Sevier aka Gabe, is really hot. And Amanda Righetti aka Tessa is also hot as well as talented. It's been so sad to see this show go! The plot wasn't GREAT, but i thought that most of the characters were really well developed.

    Be sure to catch Amanda Righetti in Reunion fall of 2005.
  • Wish it was still around.

    I wasn't so sure about this show at first. Coming on right after the OC, I didn't think it quite measured up to it. But the more I watched, the more I got into it. The characters were all interesting enough to care about and it got some good plot lines going. It's too bad it got cancelled. Too many shows get axed before they get a chance to find an audience.
  • Good while lasted.

    I think the show was underappreciated. It was a great show and the characters were easy to relate to, most of the time anyway. I loved this show and hate that it ended, I wanted to know what happened to each character. But it had a good run, while it lasted.
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