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  • It was bad, then okay, then it was cancelled.

    This show, as good as I can remember it, had no great cliffhanger moments to it. It was trying to be what Melrose Place was in the 1990s, however it didn't have that soapy feel to it. It was basically a show about people working at an island hotel, and a few problems that were solved within one or two episodes. Still, it had some suspense to it, which made me tune in, weekly.
  • North Shore is by far one of the worst shows ever made.

    I don't understand how people like this show. I hate it so much that I wish I could throw my TV of the balcony whenever I watch it. I don't even understand the story. All I know is, is that the show is terrible. No, it's worse than terrible. I don't like the theme song either, and the acting is even worse. It is extremely unoriginal, and very badly written. I regret watching this show, whenever I think of it. It just wastes 1 hour of good shows! Anything would be better than North Shore. How does it have such I high rating, and is so popular, I'll never know.
  • Trashy and routine nightime soap opera

    North Shore was just another prime time summer soap opera in which you can have some trashy fun watching sexy, half-naked men and women trying to flirt with or outwit each other.

    The TV viewer is not really required to do a lot thinking about the plots or character development with this show since there is really none to begin with and there is just enough hanky panky to keep things from getting too slow. Just remember to mute the volume and you’ll double your pleasure.

    The danger of this type of drama is if you have to turn off your brain to watch it, you have to remember to turn it back on when it's over.

    But most of the time, North Shore plays like a poor ripoff combination of something like “Baywatch” and “Hotel”.

    Eventually TV viewers got bored with this TV show and the Nielsen ratings went down hill. Fox eventually put this show out of its misery.
  • This show was like the next Guilty pleasure until FOX pulled the know they need to admit not many people watch that network on certain nights and stop cancelling every show that doesnt do so well in its ratings. This was classic, I mean hot guy

    I loved this show...Ill admit I was slow to come around but I wanna know what happens FOX cancelled the show on a cliffhanfer and I wont be happy till this show is on DVD and has a proper endind....AT LEAST!!!!!!! AHHHHHH FOX why did yoy Cancel North Shore WHY!!!!!
  • i actually liked this show

    i really thought this show was pretty good. but, it got lost in a sea of oc wannabies. the mountain was good to, but it also got cancelled pretty quick. i am sure this show was expensive to produce since it was filmed in hawaii, but i think it could have done better if it didn't have so much competition.
  • Man!! Why do they had to cancel that show??? It makes me Sick :( I'll never know what's after Jason death!!!

    -This show was really great!! I have to say that I first saw it in french so I thought I could catch up with the second season in english but I was suprised to see that they were NO season 2. At first i didn't really mind cause I had only saw 5 episodes. When I ended first season, I cried cause there were no next season :-(

    -The show was basicly about the life of person working in an Hotel. It has really great story lines and the actors were great. Plus they were a lot of hot people on this show.
  • this was great show i wish they didn't cancel it.

    this was a great show it really sucks that it was canceled i miss it they should really bring it back cause why not! many people watched it but they still canceled it. my favorite character was Alex (Shannen Doherty) she was very devious i liked it especially that it was a summer show lol i know that sound a little weird but oh well lol. um just saying that they should really bring this show back its such a classic it really does suck that it was canceled after 1 season and that it wont be released on dvd.
  • I'm new to and I was adding shows and I loved this show.

    I was so mad when this show went off the air. I think this was one of the best shows in a long time. It had excitement, sex, love, relationships and of course hot girls. The blond was my favorate. I think this show should be brought back on the air even though I do not know how I would add another series to my must shows. My DVR is already getting full and conflicting with other shows. Over all I personaly think it is up there with Beverly Hills 90210, Lost, Ritches, Grays, and all the other great shows that are on now.
  • When the 'North Shore' went South, Fox left fans to tread water.

    From the beginning, 'North Shore' had all of the classic elements for a hip new series that was sure to rake in the viewers. The concept was simple; beautiful women, a beach, and some drama to keep it interesting. It worked for Baywatch for years, and they didn't even have the Grand Waimea to rest their pretty heads. To guarantee the finest drama, they enlisted cat fight specialist Shannen Doherty to keep things extra spicy. Even Baywatch vet Brooke Burns couldn't resuscitate this series. This was a shame because I, for one, thought this show was very good and was disappointed when it wasn't renewed for a second season. From the ratings here at I realize I am not alone. The ship has sailed on 'North Shore', the talented actors have gone off to be successful elsewhere. The OC has taken it's place on Fox's beach drama set, leaving the North Shore fans to tread water.
  • One of my favorite Canceled Shows

    I loved this show. I hated that it was canceled. It was so great. It was so dramatic because you had people you rooted for and people you hate. And since it located in Hawaii, the backround was beautiful. And of course, it had the hottest guys. Gabrial and Chris, OMG. I record an episode, and watch 2 times in slow mo. I wish it would come back
  • North Shore is a great show, i can't believe it got cancelled!

    North Shore is a great show, i can't believe it got cancelled!
    I wish there was a second season of North Shore, it is one of my favourite shows. Come on you get to see hot guys with their shirts off, particularly Jay Kenneth Johnson, aka Chris Remsen.
    Jay Kenneth Johnson is the best, he's such a good actor and he's got the cutest smile.
    The Final episode was so sad i can't believe what happened.
    I can't believe it got cancelled, it's such a good show, i will miss it heaps, at least i can watch the first season over and over again.
    Bring back North Shore!
  • This show was great, they really need to bring it back.

    It involved a bunch of good looking people working at a hotel/resort in Hawaii. Who wouldn't want it back...Hot guys! The show also had a lot of drama. It gets your attention and you won't want to stop watching it. It was an awesome show, that is all I have to say.
  • great show

    It's only just started here at 3pm so i get home from work just in time to relax n watch it but so sad to here this is it we're at ep.16 so we still have a few to go. I'm sure I'll find something else cos I'm a sucker for soapy dramas!
  • I miss this show so much. :[

    It shouldn't of went off the air. I was so angry & upset when it did. It has great story lines, and great actors, and many goodlooking people as well. I was hooked ever since I saw the very first episode. Too bad it did go off the air. It could've done so much better than it did too.
  • Great show, i love the storylines and cast selection. Can't wait to watch the second season.

    I love north shore, it's so good! the guys are so hot and the storylines are great! ideal cast selection. can't wait fot the second season to start! Dominic Purcell (tommy) should remain as a permanent cast member, him and Nicole great couple! i've enjoyed watchin all episodes so far!
  • i LOVE this show.

    i dont know why they would cancel this show. They have a geat cast and a beautiful set. The story line isnt that cheesy and people learn about the cut throat hotel business.
    I think is it a great show. They should definatly bring it back. Also, i love the show's theme song, Home In Paradise.
  • One of my favourite series.I wish there were more epizodes.

    I like the film very much.Makes me relax and think of this place.Almost everybody i knew likes it so i don\'t know why the people in charge don\'t think of new season.That would be great!We want more!The whole idea of the film makes you part of it and that is so great about it.The story is about the people working there not about the guests.For me that is the different about this whole series and the reason i like it and watch it.
  • great hawaii-based drama about hot topics and a hard-to-run beach paradise.

    This show was great... interesting plot, great cast, hot guys and girls, amazing scenery. there\'s been far worse shows on fox, they shud reconsider giving this one another shot. how do network execs decide things like these? i know that every one of my mates who used to watch this enjoyed it as much as i did. plus if they are not going to give the show another season, at least give it a finale by giving us, the viewers, some closure on the plot/theme.
  • this show was awsome and great.

    you just can't end a show like it ened. leaving people in limbo. i would like to see it back. it was one of the best shows out there. it was the only thing i would watch except for house md. please bring it back thank you. it would make a lot of people happy.
  • North Shore was one of the best shows. They should bring it back, at least for one more season. The plot was really good, the scenery was awesome and the girls were really hot. What else can you ask for?

    North Shore was one of the best shows. They should bring it back, at least for one more season. The plot was really good, the scenery was awesome and the girls were really hot. What else can you ask for? Just when things were starting to get really good, they decided to cancel it. Being a surfer myself, this was one of my favorite shows. Never missed it! I hope we will be able to see some more of North Shore!
  • bring it back

    how can you just cut the show with out telling the public it is not comming back. i have been waiting for the show to come back for the following season just to find out it was canceled. i was hopping to find out what was going to happen the way you guys ended the show suck\'s because it doesn\'t give us any closure
  • Bring back pretty please.

    I really enjoyed the show and couldn't wait for it to come back every week. Every night that it was on my best friend and I would call each other and talk about it and couldn't wait to see what happened on the next show. I also agree with one of the other viewer's take Shannon off and it'll be a great show again and you'll see the rating's go back up again she is a useless person. The show was one of my favorites along side with the O.C and it was a routine to always watch the O.C then North Shore and now there's nothing good on after the O.c and I want it back. So please bring it back.

    I love this show, I`m in love with it, please bring it back to a second season ! I love the whole concept of the hotel with Jason and Nicole, I've just watched Episode 'burned' and I can't wait to watch the next episode , I`m just killing myself here just because I`m so excited, I hope you'll get it back for atleast another season :*
  • It WAS going downhill, because of Shannen.

    The show was one of my personal favorites. Always looked forward to it. The storyline was engaging and always left me wanting to know more in between commercials and episodes. I wish they would bring it back WITHOUT ugly ass Shannen Doherty. That chick needs to get her teeth fixed and fix her stupid hair. Although there were some episodes that were very flat with not much excitement, I always enjoyed watching the hot chicks stationed all over the screen, especially Brooke Burns which looks better as a blonde though.

    That show had great promise but not much excitement like the OC did. No buzz or big billboards to support it to succeed.

    I do hope it comes back with a vengenge...or atleast tell us what was going to happen next season.
  • Uk never got to see how can I classify it? BUT - I saw snippits and trailers :p

    I don't know how I can review this show properly, I saw trailers and snippits and they really did interest me. The casting was great and it seemed to be a really fast paced and interesting show. It was supposed to be aired here but now that it's been cancelled there's next to no chance of me ever seeing a full episode!
    I'm quite annoyed at that really. There's a brand new show with a great cast and they cancel it after just one season.'s wishful thinking...but maybe they'll air it in other countries, monitor the response (which will obviously be great ;) ) and maybe start filming another season.
    There are so many other shows being re-commissioned which probably don't deserve to be; and then the one show I was really looking forward to watching got cancelled before I even got a sniff of it. :(
  • How can they just cut a show after all of the plot twists they put into it?

    I loved that show, and watched and taped every episode. I got so into it. That was the best show on. FOX is cutting every good show that they get now. I also watched Tru Calling, and I found out two months ago that they cut that. But North Shore, how can you cut a show that takes place on the beach with all of those HOT actors. We want to know what happens to them, so there should be at least one more show summing all of it up.
  • Excellent show.

    I found North Shore to be one of the best shows on TV in a long time right alone with Summerland.
    There are so many \"junk\" shows on now days that I\'m really surprised that Northshore was cancelled. I\'d really like to see it brough back and so would my 16 year old son Mark.
  • JASON!!!!

    I don't know where they found him, but he is amazing.
    The show is one of my faves but it is completely because of him.
    I think I am moving to Hawaii :) lol
    I hope to see him in more shows, there are just not enough men in the world like that!
  • This is news to me that this was cancelled. I thought this was the new O.C., for a slightly older generation. This show has...or had potential.

    To me, a show has to be given a second chance. Who doesn't like seeing life lived out on the beaches? If you gave the O.C, with such far-fetched ideas or unbelievable story lines (not that I don't enjoy them) another seaon (or did you?), why not North Shore? Fox used to be a channel I had to watch every night. Now? Once a week if I have nothing better to do. North Shore had the classic story of a guy and a girl destined to be together, but life...or other people get in the way. So it leaves us wanting to watch every week to see if they finally get together. But the shows over...another disappointment by Fox.
  • Wrap the show up for the people who watched all 22 episodes.

    This was an allright show with some good actors on it. The story was actually pretty good and for whatever reason my wife and I were really sucked in. We watched the whole first season to have it canceled with nothing sumed up in the season finale. I hate it when they cancel a show and never wrap it up for the people who watched the whole flipping season. Gosh!
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