North Shore

FOX (ended 2005)





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  • Trashy and routine nightime soap opera

    North Shore was just another prime time summer soap opera in which you can have some trashy fun watching sexy, half-naked men and women trying to flirt with or outwit each other.

    The TV viewer is not really required to do a lot thinking about the plots or character development with this show since there is really none to begin with and there is just enough hanky panky to keep things from getting too slow. Just remember to mute the volume and you’ll double your pleasure.

    The danger of this type of drama is if you have to turn off your brain to watch it, you have to remember to turn it back on when it's over.

    But most of the time, North Shore plays like a poor ripoff combination of something like “Baywatch” and “Hotel”.

    Eventually TV viewers got bored with this TV show and the Nielsen ratings went down hill. Fox eventually put this show out of its misery.