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FOX (ended 2005)





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  • When the 'North Shore' went South, Fox left fans to tread water.

    From the beginning, 'North Shore' had all of the classic elements for a hip new series that was sure to rake in the viewers. The concept was simple; beautiful women, a beach, and some drama to keep it interesting. It worked for Baywatch for years, and they didn't even have the Grand Waimea to rest their pretty heads. To guarantee the finest drama, they enlisted cat fight specialist Shannen Doherty to keep things extra spicy. Even Baywatch vet Brooke Burns couldn't resuscitate this series. This was a shame because I, for one, thought this show was very good and was disappointed when it wasn't renewed for a second season. From the ratings here at I realize I am not alone. The ship has sailed on 'North Shore', the talented actors have gone off to be successful elsewhere. The OC has taken it's place on Fox's beach drama set, leaving the North Shore fans to tread water.