North Shore

FOX (ended 2005)





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  • Uk never got to see how can I classify it? BUT - I saw snippits and trailers :p

    I don't know how I can review this show properly, I saw trailers and snippits and they really did interest me. The casting was great and it seemed to be a really fast paced and interesting show. It was supposed to be aired here but now that it's been cancelled there's next to no chance of me ever seeing a full episode!
    I'm quite annoyed at that really. There's a brand new show with a great cast and they cancel it after just one season.'s wishful thinking...but maybe they'll air it in other countries, monitor the response (which will obviously be great ;) ) and maybe start filming another season.
    There are so many other shows being re-commissioned which probably don't deserve to be; and then the one show I was really looking forward to watching got cancelled before I even got a sniff of it. :(