North Shore

Season 1 Episode 21

The End

Aired Unknown Unknown on FOX

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  • Its a really bad episode for a series finale but a good one if we saw it as another epiosde.

    Will Jason and Nicole finally together but Jason dies a silly ending for the most complicated relationship in the show. Vincent he did the good thing by calling the police but that cost him ( he is like a son to me ) life. Tessa and Frankie I liked this relation ship from the start and I think their project together is the perfect thing to do. Mj and Chris I love them for getting back together and her voice is unbelievable I wish she will get her own CD or something. The end is silly as I said but its been a sweet 21 episode and I hope to see them all in great shows.
  • Gabriel has to choose between a sponsorship or a girl. MJ and Chris got back together and MJ gets into a music career. Frankie decides to start a new club after finding out about Tessa being setup by Alex. Jason and Nicole get married. Jason's car explode

    this episode is what needs to be aired, fox not airing this is the worlds stupedist thing ever, it was a very special episode, it showed everything we needed to know, with the exception of the end (i'll get to that in a bit) It showed that m.j. (who playes a worse roll know on windfall, as a bitc-h get's together with Chris, and persus music also, Gabriel get's pretty much what he need's he brakes up with Lisa but that isn\\\'t really decipointing, since he is more into surfing and having the life he needs (I don\\\'t believe he actually loved Lisa so it\\\'s ok), Nicole and jason do great intill the end but if you honestly can\\\'t stand the fact that he died just either edit it out or forget about it since really toward the show, there was no reason to kill him (i guess they wanted to make sure season 2 could not occur since they knew fox would not renew it, the end other then the car exploding showed that Vincent Colville did care not just to be softer for the police (since he rated himself), by saving nicole and it was great when they showed Alexandra Hudson in the end all lonely.

    Only thing not resolved is the true story of walter booth, but we can kinda guess and tell that he was lying and a murderer.

    So even if this review is lousy writen this episode is still a must see and a wonderful finale, one of the best finales ever!
  • This is the end. Nooooooo!

    This episode was the final ever episode of North Shore.
    There were good things that happened, but it was also so sad at the end.
    Chris and MJ finally get back together, which is good. Even though it was interesting watching Chris with Alex, he is still meant to be with MJ.
    Frankie and Tessa are happy and Gabriel goes back to concentrating on his surfing.
    But while all these good things happened to these characters, that doesn't take away from the tragic scenes following Jason and Nicole's wedding. Everytime I watch that scene it gives me shivers. The song playing and Nicole screaming out for Jason as Vincent pulls her away from the car, just set the scene for a truly dramatic finale. It worked well, because it is not something people can forget in a hurry.
    Goodbye North Shore, you will be missed, but you will live on in the hearts of your fans.
    This is a brilliant show that should NOT have been cancelled!
  • Jason and Nicole get back together, while Vincent surrenders and puts in jail his girlfriend too. M.J. and Chris get back together, but she leaves him with his approbation to be Taylor's chorist. Frankie and Tessa lose the club and leave. Gabriel remains

    This sucked! I was happy to see M.J. and Chris back together, while Alex was by herself in the big hotel. But the fact that everybody spreads around and that Jason dies... yuck! Just before he died, he got married and Vincent had given him his actions of the Grand Waimea! His dreams were becoming reality, and blow! Then, Gabriel is by himself... no job,no girl! Frankie and Tessa leave for Waikiki... The bad guys won! And to know that M.J. was leaving her man for a year... that is just too sad! Personally I would have written a happy ending where all the bad guys are out...really, it sucked!
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