North Square

Channel 4 (ended 2000)





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  • Clever dialogue will win everytime.

    North Square is Britain's L.A. Law and The Practice, rolled up in one sleek fast paced package. The storyline is centered on a group of lawyers in a Leeds defense chamber, who encounter just as much excitement in their personal lives as their careers. This show was created by Peter Moffat and co-written by Simon Block. This show is fast paced stylish, and the scripts are crisp. There is an anti-authority theme in this show, and it works well with the lawyer's pursuits of not justice, but a better brief. Philip Davis is the standout character, is the person you want to succeed, but all characters have depth.
  • One of the Best Ever series for t.v.

    Here In Australia, we with an IQ of over 112 immensely enjoyed this series several years ago and were gobsmacked when informed that it was the last. It had the ingredients for a series that could probably out last THE BILL! But after accepting the fact that no more the well, soon it will be available on DVD (shock horror) IT ISN'T. For a series of acting of each and everyone second to none, editing, and more, superb writing... Please oh Please bring this on to DVD! Once again proving to the world, no one can do it better than the Brits in this kind of Drama.

    Thank you,

    John Bennett
    Jamberoo, NSW