Northern Exposure

Season 3 Episode 4

Animals 'R' Us

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 14, 1991 on CBS

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  • a heart warming episode

    I enjoyed this episode very much. I really like how clever this show is. also there is something about the way it presents the small and remote town and the lives of its inhabitats that is so heart warming.

    the part with maggie and the dog who she thought was Rick was charming and amusing.

    I also liked how maurice was trying unsuccessfuly to go into business with marylin and her ostriches.

    I enjoyed watching Joel showcased in contrast to the other people of Cicely by his rationaliy and skepticism. it provided for some amusing moments.

    at the end of the episode Ed is showing a short movie he made - I was touched by it, it was very nice.

    and Maggie's smile is the best.

  • That Cute Malamute

    This was a very fun episode. Maggie has lingering lack of closure about her relationship with Rick, so she anthropomorphizes a stray malamute to be the reincarnation of him. The other zany characters, except Joel, buy into it, and Maggie finally is able to forgive Rick his indiscretions, even if that forgiveness is just filtered through a dog. The dog is adorable and extraordinarily well-trained.

    I loved the witty insight of the apparition of "Grandma Woody", " After all, we're basically just monkeys with car keys"

    Ed's film short at show's end is touching.

    The story line of Marilyn's ostriches was sub-par, and the only flaw in an otherwise great episode.
  • Lady and the Tramp

    I really LOVED this episode! They got the most expressive alert energetic pooch! Very unique story, as well, because I have never seen this subject matter covered before.