Northern Exposure

Season 1 Episode 8

Aurora Borealis- A Fairy Tale for Big People

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Aug 30, 1990 on CBS

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  • One of the single greatest ever episodes of this series.

    An already better-than-average first season comes to a bittersweet close with an episode that knocks one out of the park.

    Two story threads here: One concerning Joel getting lost in the woods, only to be rescued by Adam, a mysterious Bigfoot-like apparition that the denizens of Cicely don't even belileve actually exists. Adam Arkin makes a hilarious guest appearance as Adam, the mysterious recluse who is seemingly good at everything (especially cooking). The other story thread, just as excellent, albeit more heartwarming, concerns a stranger named Bernard who feels compelled to travel from his home in Portland to Cicely, where he creates a fast bond with Chris. I am confused as to how they could have the same birthdate, I'll admit, but the realization that they are, in fact, brothers is a television moment that I will never forget.
  • Great episode.

    This is the episode that made me love Northern Exposure.

    It just is a hilarious episode, with the hilarious introduction to Adam, and the damn near greatest storyline in TV history, that is...Chris has a brother, who is literally a Brother, with a connection that is drop dead hilarious, and the great Northern Lights make their first appearance, and will make a few appearances in the show, and are by far the greatest episodes in Northern Exposure history.

    if you don't love this episode, then you don't love TV. And you for sure, do not understand Northern Exposure, so change the channel.