Northern Exposure

Season 1 Episode 2

Brains, Know How and Native Intelligence

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 19, 1990 on CBS

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  • incredibley offensive ***phobia for the early 90s

    I was in shock after watching this episode must have missed it on the original run.

    the shockingly hate filled B plot goes like so.

    the local morning DJ and artist ,chris,talks about his admiration for walt whitman

    casually remarking about his sexuality.

    the next scene is maurice screaming at the dj we hear his assault live on radio (oh the hilarity of a bigoted attack)

    we see chris treated for a head injury by Joel and the radio station is now missing a front window.

    maurice takes over the slot since he owns the station,but everyone in town hates him on the radio and tells him so.Maurice is unmoved since he believes chris did wrong by talking about the poet and must pay?????

    Maurice goes off an a rant about how we need heroes and cant chop em off at the knees just to prove there like the rest of us.Because clearly being gay is the worst possible thing a hero can be right viewers;)

    eventually chris comes to Maurice and APOLOGISES??? for daring to mention walt whitman was one of them.Flyboy carries on happy in his ***phobia and were supposed to clap and applaud.I watched the closing credits with my jaw on the floor in shock, did they just have the old astronaut bigot get an apology out of the dj?

    "sorry i suggested it was okay to be gay maurice" "thats okay son your young and dont know any better"

    I dont believe im judging an old show by modern standards I remember the period this show was made in very well and i still find it amazing that in the decade that gave us the words "politically correct" this kind of casual hate can be seen as entertainment.

    I still like the show,but am amazed and a little disgusted by this little episode of it
  • It's hard to put the whole 'Walt Whitman' has been suggested to be gay storyline into contemporary context. I'm sure it wouldn't have been written the same way at all now.

    This, the second episode, brings some of the rest of the cast into focus. Chris is spot on from the very first appearnace. Maurice continues to be important. Ed shines as the heart of the show. We have an introduction into tribal life, but we will come and go on inclusion in the show. Ed's uncle is funny and sweet - this is a very good episode in that it can stand alone, outside of the context of the show. It's a weak episode; however, when viewed in the context of the other shows - it has so much action, it fails to showcase who the characters are.
  • I want this series back on T V It is a great show...

    I never missed this show when it was on TV. It is a great show with great characters. I wish it would run again.
    Every show had a wonderful story to tell and it always had such great people that were so real. I hope this series will return to television showing the show from show # one all they way to the end of the series. Please get this show back on Tv.