Northern Exposure

Season 4 Episode 13


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 18, 1993 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Marilyn and the piano tuner are playing together at the end of the episode, there are three elementary-school age children sitting at the front tables. This marks one of the very few times that children have ever been seen in Cicely.

  • Quotes

    • Pete: I hardly knew your mother, Ed. I wish I could tell you where she is.

    • (explaining her "curse" to Mike)
      Maggie: I'm a scientific phenomenon!

    • Joel: (still not believing One-Who-Waits exists) If your friend tells you to climb up on the roof and take a leap, I hope you will discuss it with me first.

    • Shelly: Ed, who are you talking to?
      Ed: One-Who-Waits, my invisible friend.
      Shelly: Oh. Well where is he, about here? (points to the air)
      Ed: No, he's more like (moves her hand) here.
      Shelly: Ok. (to the air) What would you like?

    • Piano tuner: (After hearing Shelly talk) That's how I like 'em: blond and stacked.

    • Ed: Why would someone wrap up their baby in a coat, put him in a basket, and stick him in the reeds by the river?
      Ruth-Anne: There was a very good reason for that, Ed. Pharaoh's soldiers would have killed that little baby Moses.
      Ed: I wasn't talking about Charlton Heston, Ruth-Anne, I was talking more like in real life.

    • Ruth-Anne: (talking about a couple that got pregnant after winning a dance contest) They would have been better off celebrating with a couple of chocolate fudge sundaes at Carvel's.

    • Ed: Pete…I think you should know that I'm…I'm…I'm…I'm…I'm…
      Pete: You're what, Ed?
      Ed: Uh, kind of thirsty.

  • Notes

    • Music:
      - "Sonata in D for Hands, 2nd Movement" composed by Mozart
      - "Nocturne in B-flat minor, Opus 9, No. 1" composed by Chopin

    • Although in the opening credits, Barry Corbin [Maurice J. Minnifield] does not appear in this episode.

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