Northern Exposure

Season 5 Episode 10

First Snow

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 13, 1993 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Shelly and Holling wake up, it is light out, but this close to winter the sun would be rising much later.

  • Quotes

    • Ruth-Anne: Nedra said it was better to give with warm hands than cold.

    • Ruth-Anne: (trying to get Joel to stop fretting and fill out the death certificate) Come on in and do what you have to do. People will be coming by to pay their respects and I have to put on a pot of coffee and set out some cakes.

    • Maggie: (cheerfully) Pretty soon it'll be 60 below, pitch black, and we'll be up to our ears in snow.
      Joel: This makes you happy?

    • Maggie: (Joel is in the chair no one likes) You actually like sitting there?
      Joel: I feel like I could sit here all day.

    • Joel: Do we have any appointments?
      Marilyn: Shelly.
      Joel: What time?
      Marilyn: Now.
      Joel: Now?
      Marilyn: She's in there.

    • Joel: She's either imagining it, or she's crazy.
      Marilyn: Not Nedra.

    • Holling: It seems like in case we have another avalanche I oughta go to 10, but that's just so much work!
      Ruth-Anne: Maybe I can help you there.
      Holling: Why, are you feeling poorly?

    • Holling: They make snowmobiles now with attachable baby carriers. I'm thinking of surprising Shelly when the little critter comes.

    • Holling: Even if your nose was as big as an Idaho potato I'd still love your face just as much.

    • Ed: (talking about a movie involving a medieval liar) By the end of the picture the whole town turns against him and burns him alive at the stake. It seems like there's a moral in there somewhere.
      Shelly: Thanks, Ed.
      Ed: Sure, Shel.

    • Shelly: (trying to explain that she lied because she loves Holling now) Sure, you're rich and famous...and kinda buff and hunky...but you're just not my keg of beer! And to think I carried the big L for you...
      Maurice: Wait, Shelly, let's get back to your original thought.

    • Maurice: I thought my romance with Shelly was a jewel I'd put away in a box for safekeeping. Now I find out that jewel is just paste.

    • Chris: What's in [that box]?
      Maurice: Memorabilia. Detritus of my two weeks with Shelly Marie Tambo.

    • Maurice: (about when Shelly said she loved him) I was so happy I slaughtered those two mallards I'd been fattening up and made duck a la range.

    • Chris: (about Maggie's home decorating) Ever since I did time I'm more comfortable in a confined space, that's why I'm out in the trailer.

    • Chris: There's a lot to be said for self-delusion when it comes to matters of the heart.

    • Chris: (about what Maurice thinks is a declaration of love from Shelly) It's a valentine with a smiley face, Maurice, I don't think you could take it to the bank.

    • Chris: We have to be like that proverbial ant and prepare. And on that note, I will read a note.

    • Neda: I'm dying. Oh, not right this minute, but in the next week or so.

    • Joel: Let me tell you something, Marilyn. Death is the enemy. I spent 10 years of my life single-mindedly studying, practicing, fighting hand to hand in close quarters to defeat the enemy, to send him back bloodied and humble and I am not going to roll over and surrender. This woman is not ready for the grim reaper.

    • Holling: You know, Owen, I am responsible to see that we get enough holes in the ground come winter. No disrespect, but is there any chance you might be needing one?
      Owen: No, Dr. Fleischman said it was just indigestion. Too many of those chili dogs late at night.
      Holling: I see.
      Owen: But, thanks for thinking of me.

    • Holling: Excuse me for inquiring Dr. Fleischman, but you must have some patients who are very close to the end. You don't have to give me names, just the count.
      Joel: I can't believe that you would ask me that. I'm a physician, not a mortician. I find this conversation not only in poor taste; I find it offensive and morbid.

    • Chris: Oh the snow the beautiful snow filling the sky and earth below. Over the house tops and over the streets, over the heads of people you meet. Dancing flirting skimming along. Oh the snow the beautiful snow how the flakes gather and laugh as they go. Whirling about in their maddening fun it plays in its glee with everyone. Chasing laughing hurrying by it lights on the face and sparkles the eye. And even the dogs with a bark and a bound snap at the crystals that eddy around. The town is alive and its heart in a glow to welcome the coming of beautiful snow. Bon Hiver Cicely.

  • Notes

    • Music:
      - "It's You I Love" by Beausoleil
      - "Ph'ahana" by Peter Moon Band
      - "Black Boots & Blue Jeans" by Wylie & Wild West Show
      - "Spanish Nights" by Earl Klugh

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