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CBS (ended 1995)

Discussion seasons 1, 2 and 3

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    anne54 wrote:
    I love the way Marilyn's tone of voice never changes,

    Funny, I recall "channel surfing" and when I landed on this show the Marilyn character was talking; her tone/monotone is what caused me to change the channel. If I ever run across this show again I'll give it a shot; it's always great to find a "new" show you like--even if it is old news to everybody else!

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    Thats so tru its an amazing show. Ive been into it since it first aired bk in the nineties, and fell in love with it straight away. Thank god 4 Foxtel, last yr they aired a new channel called 111 Hits, and blow me down, at 11am on a monday morning, i heard that amazing music, that i hadnt heard in yrs, what a shock,(A GR8 1). I was so rapt, and glued to my t.v, 4 the whole hr, it bought bk so many memories of my life, bk when it aired in the nineties, and i must say it was a nice feeling, real nice. Of course i planned my day around my show after that, lol, and the best part was that if i had 2 miss it, due 2 an emergency(& i mean emergency lol), 111 Hits had a 2nd channel which showed all the programs 2hrs later, WOW, that was a lifesaver. I watched it everyday, and when it came to the end, i was shattered. So i madly made calls to all shops that stocked dvds, to c if they had any copies, and Kmart came through with seasons 1,2 & 3, but that was all, i wasnt happy. But then i called JB HIFI in geelong and they had 4 & 6, but not 2 worry cause i cld order the rest yippeeee!!!!!!! So now i really am a very happy woman, i can watch it wheneva i like, and thank god 4 that, cause it really cheers me up when im feeling lonely or blue, and when theres nothing on tv, i always have my NORTHERN EXPOSURE dvds, and a BIG THANKS to Foxtel & 111 Hits, cause its bk on again at 9am & 11am weekdays, which makes me EXTRA HAPPY cause its a gr8 start 2 the day. As 4 the cast, they r all my favourites especially CHRIS & JOEY what hunks mmmmmm, and MAZ is just so amazing i love her simpleness she really is beautiful, all the characters r brilliant, and the storylines r so REAL, i must say that the actors r absoulutely 1st class. For me this is the gr8test show eva made, and nothing tops it, NOTHING..........
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    I will talk about Nothern Exposure anytime! One of my all time favorites and I have noone talk about it with.

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