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    I've just seen the first two episodes of John from Cincinnati and I think it's brilliant and I'm very excited to see where this show goes. I've been waiting for a show like this for a long time. I'm reminded of Northern Exposure, not in the sense of witnessing quirky characters go about their lives but in the sense of the super natural is possible in everyday life. Although there is a touch of quirkiness in it. It's just a different kind.

    Northern Exposure from - The show's creators, Joshua Brand and John Falsey, were members of the Esalen Institute in California where an eclectically "spiritual" worldview was presented, best exemplified in the writings of Swiss psychologist Carl JungJoseph Campbell (whose works are frequently referenced in the series). There are also fantasy elements inherited from the works of Carlos Castaneda and the magical realism novels and stories of Latin American author Gabriel García Márquez. and American anthropologist/mythologist.

    I can't help but feel that Milch is in this same spiritual family as Brand and Falsey. Milch was quoted on as saying, "I am an instrument of purposes that I don't fully understand. Time will tell whether I am a wing nut or a megalomaniac. The difference between a cult and faith is time. I believe that we are a single organism, and that something is at stake in this particular moment."

    John seems to be a benevolent healer with a larger purpose, learning about humanity along the way and I can't wait to see it unfold.


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