Northern Exposure

Season 5 Episode 21

I Feel the Earth Move

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 02, 1994 on CBS



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    • Maggie: I'm sorry. Here you are being sweet and affectionate. Everything I've always wanted and it's making me sick. Fleischman, this won't work. We've got to go back to the way things were: hostile and bitter and petty.

    • Chris: Marriage. Why do we do it? Everybody knows the stats. One in two marriages end up in broken dishes and a trip to Tijuana. Is it loneliness? Partly. Is it teamwork? Definitely. Things just kind of go easier when there's two of you. One of you can wait in line at the movie theater while the other guy parks the car. Get better seats that way. Better room rate when it's a double. Are you ready to file jointly?...Above you is the sun and sky. Below you, the ground. Like the sun, your love should be constant, like the ground, solid. Are you both OK with that? In that case, I now pronounce you, married.

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    • I Feel The Earth Move

      I Feel The Earth Move is a song by Carole King:-

      'I feel the earth move under my feet
      I feel the sky tumbling down
      I feel my heart start to trembling
      Whenever you're around'