Northern Exposure

Season 3 Episode 17

Lost and Found

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 09, 1992 on CBS

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  • Cabin Fever

    Lost and Found's main story line has Joel suffering from a bout of cabin fever, a malady that has been known to afflict some people who are isolated in small spaces, and can include irritability, restlessness, and even delusions in severe cases.

    The episode begins with Joel sitting in his cabin late at night, writing a letter to a former classmate who has landed a position with the prestigious DeBakey cardiology team in Houston. He masks his envy by trying to convince his friend (and himself) that he really feels quite lucky with his gig in Alaska, calling the dark silent void outside his window "exhilarating".

    The weight of his isolation has taken its toll, however, and he begins hearing noises that he believes are a human voice. After learning about Jack, a thirty year old geologist and gold miner who had committed suicide in his cabin decades earlier, Joel loses touch with his normally rational mind and becomes convinced that the voices he has been hearing belong to Jack's ghost.

    Valerie Mahaffey returns for another flawless portrayal of the hypochondriac Eve, justifying her Emmy for that role. My favorite scene from Lost and Found takes place in Ruth-Anne's store, with Eve perusing the antacid aisle as though it were a wine rack:

    -Eve: Generally, I like the Swiss Lemon Maalox. It's tart, light, nice chilled.

    -Ruth-Anne: Mmm.

    -Eve: Hmmm. Sometimes I like something a little sweeter, something with a little more fruit. Then I go for the cherry.

    -Ruth-Anne: Well, personally, I prefer Mylanta.

    -Eve: Ohh. Mylanta definitely has its place. It's unpretentious, simple. Very consistent. Goes beautifully with decongestants.

    A third story line involves Maurice receiving a visit from his USMC C/O, but it largely comes off as a space filler for the other two sub-plots with Joel and Eve.

    After obsessing about Jack's plight and realizing how closely it paralleled his own experience with isolation, he decides to become more social. The final party scene is a warm fuzzy that ends the episode on a high note.
  • Maurice's storyline seemed a little bit out of place here, but the rest of the episode just keeps me reminding why I love this show so damn much.

    This episode is so full of heart. Here we can see how Fleischmann is really enjoying the time he's having in Cicely, although he doesn't really want to speak that out loud. The first scene of him writing the letter and the final one with everyone gathering up for the picture are amazing.

    And it's great to see Eve. I kind of like Adam better, but when he's not there to shine over her, she can really get along pretty well with the rest of the cast.

    Oh, and what a great opportunity for me to get to know "Common Threads" by Bobby McFerrin. Great song :)