Northern Exposure

Season 3 Episode 2

Only You

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 30, 1991 on CBS

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  • We Want Most What We Can't Have

    The Chris subplot in this episode is among the finest and most original of the series. He mysteriously starts attracting flocks of adoring women. Immune to his charms, however, is the plain-Jane itinerant optometrist passing through town. He experiences first hand the psychological phenomenon known as reactance, where we develop a strong desire for something (or someone) that is unattainable, even if we otherwise wouldn't care about it. He obsessively tries to romance her, and her rebuffs fan the flames of his desire all the more.

    If it weren't for the ridiculous subplot of Maurice accusing Holling of intentionally taking unflattering photos of him, this episode would rate a 10.
  • Great Example of how good this show can be.

    This is the kind of episode that makes me love Northern Exposure. The Chris storyline is great, and classic Northern Exposure. Wacky and hilarious, and makes you wish you lived in a town like Cicely, instead of your home base.

    This show is the best when it is quirky like this. I can not go into it, but the doctor's office scene is hilarious, and buy the DVD sets now, so you can see how great this show is, and will become.

    The Maurice storyline i do not love, but still, i think it is a great example of how this show can be. Great.