Northern Exposure

Season 3 Episode 22

Our Wedding

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 11, 1992 on CBS

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  • Bumpy Road to Love Comes Full Circle

    Our Wedding could justly be considered the true Season 3 finale, as the final episode (Cicely) is a special historical piece.

    Joel and Maggie's tempestuous relationship reaches a crisis when his revelation of his lie about Juneau causes her to throw a violent tantrum. She then exacts her revenge by baiting him into having sex with her, only to bail at the moment of truth. When Joel tells her that they will never be able to have a relationship of any kind, the whole mating dance is over and done. Or is it?

    Adam and Eve are featured in the main line, seeking blood tests in preparation for getting married. They had already appeared in a previous episode (The Bumpy Road to Love, Season 3, Ep. 1) as a married couple. The writers did a great job glossing over this inconsistency with a funny scene in which Adam extols Eve's virtues as the perfect female archetype while she sits picking food out of her teeth and making bitter faces. Once again, Valerie Mahaffey (Eve) steals several scenes with her outstanding acting.

    Worth checking out is the blooper reel on the DVD Disc 3, which contains the outtakes for the prenup negotiation scene. The actors couldn't keep a straight face, and during a few lines of the final cut, the director had to go as far as to change camera angles to edit out the uncontrollable giggling of Rob Morrow.

    This is a solid episode that leaves the viewer wanting to return for Season 4.