Northern Exposure

CBS (ended 1995)





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  • Probably my favorite show of all time

    Everything about this show is great. You absolutely fall in love with the characters. Truly, by the end of the 1st or second season you'll feel like you're part of the community. It's a little corny and dramatic, but also very funny, intelligent, and insightful. Not to mention it's visually stimulating as hell. It dissects real world problems that we face, both personally and as a society, in surreal ways, and wraps it up all nicely at the end of every episode.

    I swear, when I was all done with the last season I almost cried. I probably would have if I were a woman, just because then it would be acceptable. Honestly I think I did tear up a bit when a fairly significant character left the cast. But in all seriousness, I truly believe that this may be one of the best shows of all time. You will not regret watching this show unless you have no heart and no mind. Pass this one on to friends as well. TV does not get any better than Northern Exposure.

    A warning though, you will get addicted to this show, and you will feel heartbreak when it's all over. But like they say, it's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.