Northern Exposure

Season 3 Episode 16

Three Amigos

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 02, 1992 on CBS

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  • Time Traveling

    What fan of this excellent show wouldn't want to take a detour from the story of the Cicely of today and relive how Holling and Maurice tamed Alaska with their old rowdy pall Bill. Imagine Maurice with a six pack, and Holling as a child of forty as the pair guide the viewer through the fires that forged a friendship that survived even Shelly's short rift. Bill's funeral demonstrates how Maurice and Holling evolved into the characters we loved, and what they were like before. Similar to the "Cicely" time travel show but done in a typically contrasting manner. Many shows replay plots, Northern Exposure didn't.
  • Every Day Above Ground is a Good Day

    Three Amigos takes Holling and Maurice out of their normal routines and on an adventure in the wilds of Alaska. They set out on horseback to bury the body of Bill Planey, who had been the third part of their once inseparable trio, but had become estranged from the other two over the years.

    They meet up with Bill's widow, Solvang (expertly played by Joanna Cassidy). Anything but a typical grieving widow, she quickly tries to seduce Holling, and then Maurice.

    Throughout the wilderness trip, Holling and Maurice have time to reflect on death, burial, and how even the closest of friends can sometimes drift apart. After a bar brawl with two younger men, they discover they are not as young as they used to be, but wouldn't trade their black eye and broken knuckle for Bill Planey's condition.

    The storytelling format, of superimposing the voice of Chris reading exerpts from Jack London's Call of the Wild over certain scenes, gave Three Amigos a unique and charming feel.

    The final video montage to the tune of Willie Nelson's Hands on the Wheel caps a very fine episode.

  • Holling receives word from Maurice that their old hunting buddy, Bill, has died. It is their duty to take his body to their agreed-upon place for burial. They encounter Bill\'s widow as well as a bar fight, and a great crash ending to their quest.

    This is the Paul Newman-Robert Redford/Hope and Crosby episode of the series, with Maurice and Holling taking the lead and running with it. While the episode has a couple little nagging moments, the tale of two buddies off to honor a promise to bury their partner -- all while Chris in the Morning reads from Jack London, sets up a classic.

    And the two main characters, Maurice and Holling are written true-to-form throughout -- especially significant are a scene in a remote bar where Maurice\'s card-playing begins a fight (which, true to buddy-film form, they both lose) and at the final burial point, where Maurice feels some kind of eulogy and a final salute are appropriate, while Holling is his usual straight-to-the-business at hand self.

    This is also another episode where the most watched (and watchable) part is the end...where a series of scenes of Maurice and Holling on their journey is played over Willie Nelson\'s \"Hand on the Wheel\" -- a song which is a perfect choice for showing the bond between this pair that seems so different from each other in many other ways.

    (An added nod-of-the-cap from the writers to Paul Newman is the scene near the end when Holling has returned, is in the bathtub full of bubbles and Shelley is tenderly washing his back.)

    \"We slashed through bogs, ate like hogs and slept like logs.\" -- Holling Vancour.
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