Northern Exposure

Season 6 Episode 23

Tranquility Base

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 26, 1995 on CBS

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  • An excellent ending for the remaining characters in the series.

    Rob Marrow's exit from the show pretty much doomed it. The show had been about him and his experiences, which drove the series very well for 5 seasons. It was not surprising that nobody wanted to start over. However, although it had been about Joel, we had become invested in the other characters and wanted to see where they might be headed. This episode gives resolution to Maurice & Barbara's storyline, solidifies Chris & Maggie as a viable couple, and seems to leave the characters where we found them in the begining -- back to their lives, citizens of this small town who will continue living their lives together.

    I was disappointed at the lack of nod from Joel. It would've been nice to have him in the final montage, perhaps looking at a picture of Maggie and smiling (yes, when I imagine it, it is really there). I was also disappointed that Maggie was only briefly in the episode. The Vincoeurs small roles worked out fine, as they received so much story throughout the series. There was nothing to wrap up with them. I was also not invested enough in the Capras or Hayden to justify so much story in what the writers already knew was the finale.

    This episode is beautiful and the "Our Town" montage is such a great moment.
  • This is the end, beautiful friend the end...

    Northern Exposure was a quirky and in many ways groundbreaking series. It also launched the career of Rob Morrow as well as showcasing some unusual actors which may have not had homes on more traditional series. A network tv "first" same sex marriage episode made its mark on tv history. Northern Exposure was a little too "off the beaten path" to have stayed on the air any longer than it did. There were many non-traditional storylines, such as Holling being involved with & marrying such a young girl. Chris, the town's dj/philosopher, certainly broke his share of hearts as well as making everyone look at things from a different perspective.